Review: The Reluctant Marquess by Maggie Anderson

Title: The Reluctant Marquess
Author: Maggi Anderson
Publisher: Knox Robinson Publishing
Publication Date: March 8, 2012
Source Ebook from Publisher
ISBN: 978-1-90848310-2
Genre: Historical Fiction, Romance

A country-bred girl, Charity Barlow suddenly finds herself married to a marquess, an aloof stranger determined to keep his thoughts and feelings to himself. She and Lord Robert have been forced by circumstances to marry, and she feels sure she is not the woman he would have selected given a choice. 

My thoughts:
The Reluctant Marquess by Maggi Anderson is a historical fiction novel set in England during the late 1700's. Charity Barlow has recently lost both her parents. She is forced to throw herself on the mercy of her Godfather, The Marquess of St. Malin. When she arrives at his estate she learns the devastating news that the Marquess has passed away through his heir, Lord Robert. The Marquess left a will dictating that for Lord Robert to inherit he will have to marry Charity. With no way around this clause Charity and Robert agree to marry but Charity has a clause of her own. She will not consummate the marriage until she's better acquainted with Robert. 
Charity is kind, wise and a little naive. Robert is arrogant, handsome and quick to anger. He's been hurt in the past and puts a wall up to protect himself from harm. Charity sees this hurt in him and tries her best to help him through. However with several misunderstandings and miss communications these two have a hard time getting together. The story line is fast paced and easy to follow. I enjoyed the characters and their situations. The story is a bit predictable but entertaining none the less. 
My rating:
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