The Hunting of the Bubblenuff : A Fabian Vermeer Story by Joshua Goldfond

Title:The Hunting of the Bubblenuff: A Fabian Vermeer Story
Author: Joshua Goldfond
Publisher: Amazon Digital Services
Genre: fantasy
Source: From Author


The Hunting of the Bubblenuff follows the adventures of Fabian Vermeer, an eccentric 19-year-old who lives in the fictional world of Lornholm. He is both a Priest and Inquisitor by profession, acting in the service of the Church of Solomn, god of Justice and Fluffy Clouds. Yet Fabian’s true, lifelong passion is “Cryptonaturalism”: the study of hidden, mythical beasts like the Sugar Moose (a rare but friendly creature whose candy cane antlers are treasured by hunters), the Solardillo (a bioluminescent armadillo used to replace campfires), the Hamsterdon (a 40-foot high hamster that runs around in a giant bamboo ball and is used to clear brush), and the dreaded Bubblenuff (which can only be slain with a sharpened yam).
Fearful of proving his own theories wrong, he drags his feet until the arrival of his new bodyguard: the massively tall, awkward, and kind-hearted female teenage soldier, Wilhelmina Turkle. Together, the two venture out, seeking to locate Fabian’s monsters.

Nancy's Thoughts:
Favian Vermeer is an eccentric 20 year old who lives in the fictitious world of Larnholm. Small in stature, he is a Fractonimbus Inquisitor of the god Solomn charged with identifying corruption, rooting out secrets and expelling evil to the dark corners of the world.
He is a self proclaimed Cryptonaturalist, a seeker of creatures both mysterious and hidden.  His life is one of solitude.  His present place of work is in a log cabin deep in the woods of the Calanias Empires Western frontier, far beyond the domain of the influential String Cities.
The Forgotten Forest, whose growth recesses had long since ceased to be a source of wonder and its treasure now is ripe for the pickings to an aging nation looking for a new source of wealth and common purpose.
Private Wilhelmina Turkle is the tallest girl Fabian has ever seen, she stands well over six feet.  She is sixteen, no more than seventeen years old.  Her limbs are too long for her frame and her stooped stance suggests she feels awkward in her own skin.  She has large blue eyes, a broad flat nose and her hair is brown and bushy.  She is kind and very strong.
The Bubblenuff is a psychpomp.  It is charged with escorting souls between this world and the Grey Cloud - upon which the dead await judgment. It is said to be the rudest and least ethical of all the Sixty-Seven Known Psychopomps.  Some say that it lives upon the tumbled pillars of hope at the end of all days and things.  It is also said that to face the Bubblenuff is to confront one's deepest fears.  And when this is overcome, the psychopomp will carry messages to the world beyond shadow, where the dead wait for the living to join them.
Fabian Vermeer and Private Wilhelmina Turkles's mission was to venture into the woods and look for any evidence of lost beasts and monsters, which may or may not prove a hindrance to the aims of the empire.
 Throughout this adventure Fabian and Wilhelmina share stories of their childhood.  Fabian tells of lost and mysterious creatures of the Western Forest. Friendships are formed in both the human and animal world.
 I loved this book. The phraseology is unique.  The characters, both real and imagined were three dimensional.
This was a story within a story and a lot of nonsensical words that made it a fun read.  It opens up the mind and imagination for a joyous ride to the very end.  I recommend this book for youth as well as adult.  I guarantee no one will be disappointed.
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