A Perfect Storm Excerpt and Scavenger Hunt


I'm thrilled to be part of Lori Foster's A Perfect Storm Blog Tour and Scavenger Hunt.  Click here to find the complete list of tour stops.

He waited, refusing to relent, driven by…God knew what.

She gave one sharp nod.

Spencer opened his arms but quickly stepped out of her reach. “Okay?”

“Screw you.”

So much animosity, so much rage at the world. She’d never admit it, but Arizona needed a friend, a confidante, and if it put him through hell, well, so what? He’d been in hell for a while now. “You came to me, remember?”

“And now I’m trying to leave!”

His head pounded. If she walked out now, he’d spend the rest of the day worrying about her.

Or following her.

He worked his jaw, then said, “I’ll keep your secret.
What is it?”

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