Review: Griffin's Fire

Title: Griffin's Fire
Author: Darby Karchut
Publisher: Twilight Times Books
Published: April 15, 2012
ebook, arc
ISBN-13: 9781606192122
Genre: Paranormal
Source: From Author


Forced to become mortal, ex-teen angel Griffin has been banished from the Terrae Angeli. Struggling to adjust, he enrolls in the heaven-and-hell known as high school. In spite of his friends’ support, Centennial High proves to be a battleground, complete with a malicious math teacher.
And to make matters worse, his Mentor, Basil, has been ordered to take on a new apprentice, the gifted and egotistical seventeen-year-old Sergei, whose covert attacks make Griffin’s home life as bleak as a Siberian winter.

My thoughts:
Griffin's Fire by Darby Karchut is the follow up to Griffin Rising. This series follows a boy ex-angel named Griffin. He's been dealt a bad hand throughout his life. The only good things seem to be his mentor Basil and his girl friend, Katie. After losing not only his wings but also his purpose he's forced to face life as a human. To make matters worse he has to go to high-school.
Griffin goes through a lot of struggles in this book. He has to deal with the abrupt change in his life and the fear of losing Basil, the only person who has ever believed in him. He also struggles with finding his place now that he's no longer an angel. Darby Karchut really puts emotion into her books. I found myself really caring about the characters in this novel. Basil and Griffin have great chemistry together. Basil cares for Griffin. They have a wonderful friendship but Basil is more like a father to him. I love that Basil can be really easy going when he needs to be but also really tough. There are a lot of themes in this novel including forgiveness, acceptance, trust, jealousy, and love.
Overall this is a great series. It has warmth, emotion, and is full of depth. Darby Karchut pulls at my heartstrings and leaves me wanting more. I can't wait to read more about Griffin. If you've not read this series yet, you need to. I recommend it for middle grade readers and up. This is a great read for adults as well as kids.
My rating:
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  1. Wow 5stars is a must add to my TBR pile! Thanks for adding to my summer reading list.

    1. Yay! Make sure to read Griffin Rising first. It's a great series.

  2. Marcie, what an awesome review. Thank you so much - you made my day!


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