Review: Heiress Without Cause by Sara Ramsey

Title: Heiress Without A Cause (Muses of Mayfair #1)
Author: Sara Ramsey
Publisher: Spencerhill Associates Ltd.
Publication Date: January 13, 2012
ebook arc
ISBN-13: 9781937515225
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: NetGalley

Summary (from Goodreads)

One title to change his life…
One chance to break the rules…
One season to fall in love…

My thoughts:
Heiress Without A Cause by Sara Ramsey is a historical fiction book set around a group of woman who are bored with regency life. They are bored with the season. They are bored with society. However they each manage to have their own special talent. For Lady Madeleine Vaillant the season is especially dull since she is considered a spinster. However Madeline has a well kept secret. She's been acting on the stage. If the ton were to find out she would be ruined. Her life gets more complicated when the notorious rake, William “Ferguson” Avenel asks her to act as chaperon for his sisters. Madeline reluctantly accepts. 
Things get complicated and heated up when Ferguson discovers her secret life. He offers her his protection but at what cost. The more time Madeline and Ferguson spend together, the more they find themselves falling for each other. This complicates everything.
This is an enjoyable book from cover to cover. I love the characters and their willingness to live their lives on their own terms. Madeline and Ferguson have great chemistry together. He has a dark past that he tries to overcome and she has a rebellious heart yet they seem to suit each other perfectly. I was on the edge of my seat wondering if Madeline would be discovered. Overall this is a great novel that I would recommend. I can't wait to read the next book in the series! 
My rating:
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