Review: More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer by Casper Kelly

Title: More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer
Author: Casper Kelly
Publisher: Fried Society Press
Publication Date: April 7, 2012
paperback, 158 pages
ISBN: 9780984940707
Genre: short stories,
Source: From Author
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Summary (from Goodreads):
Award-winning TV writer and filmmaker Casper Kelly brings his hilarious, absurdist, and dark vision to the page in this debut collection, perhaps the first with a horror host guiding you between the stories. In one story, you enter the mind of one of the seven dwarfs wrestling with his fevered sexual crush on Snow White. In another tale, a cash-strapped elderly man in the future is quietly pressured to “retire” by having his brain put in a vat and live out the rest of his day in a virtual reality paradise. “Sex Fantasies at Work” follows an office drone who suspects he’s always at work and his entire home life is merely implanted memories. And more. The thrilling conclusion just may change your life! Of each and every story! That’s at least eight possible life changes! Read what Charles Yu calls “one of the funniest books I’ve read in years,” what Jack Pendarvis likened to Donald Barthelme by way of E.C. comics, and Joe Randazzo, the editor of The Onion, calls simply “f***ing awesome.”

My thoughts:
More Stories About Spaceships and Cancer is a collection of short stories written by Casper Kelly. Kelly writes for Adult Swim shows on Cartoon Network. He has written for Squidbillies and Harvey Birdman, Attorney at Law, as well as others. I tell you this because that is very much what you get in this collection. It’s not often I laugh out loud while reading, but I found myself doing just that many times. Just like Adult Swim, this book is sometimes crude, rude and a bit raunchy but more often than not, very funny. I’m not sure if Kelly is a fan of Douglas Adams but I see many similarities in their humor. It is not all about the humor though. There is some really good story telling here also.  Some of my favorite stories are “Frequently Asked Questions” and “An Aspiring Haberdasher.”
So, overall I thought this was a fantastic collection and will bring back the lost art of the short story, when they were “vital and talked about and studied and a part of culture and could be said to be important, and cool.”(quote from the book) This book was great and I cannot wait to read more from Kelly.

My rating: