Review: No Longer A Gentleman by Mary Jo Putney

Title: No Longer A Gentleman (The Lost Lords)
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Zebra Historical Romance
Publication Date: April 24, 2012
paperback, 368 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-1723-3
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Publisher

Summary (From GoodReads):

Grey Sommers, Lord Wyndham, never met a predicament he couldn’t charm his way out of. Then a tryst with a government official’s wife during a bit of casual espionage in France condemns him to a decade in a dungeon, leaving him a shadow of his former self. Yet his greatest challenge may be the enigmatic spy sent to free his body—the only woman who might heal his soul.
Cassie Fox lost everything in the chaos of revolution, leaving only a determination to help destroy Napoleon’s empire through her perilous calling. Rescuing Grey is merely one more mission. She hadn’t counted on a man with the stark beauty of a ravaged angel, whose desperate courage and vulnerability thaw her frozen heart. But a spy and a lord are divided by an impassable gulf even if they manage to survive one last, terrifying mission….

My thoughts:
No Longer A Gentleman by Mary Jo Putney is the fourth book in The Lost Lords series. I have not read the previous three so let me put your mind at ease: You can read this as a stand alone if you choose. The story is easy to follow and a joy to read. No Longer A Gentleman is not only a historical romance but it's also a bit of a spy thriller. Grey Sommers has been imprisoned in France for years for his dalliance with the wrong woman. Cassie Fox is the woman who is sent to rescue him. Together they must escape with the enemy hot on their heels.
Grey Sommers and Cassie Fox are both interesting characters. Grey has been locked up for a decade in a dungeon. He was basically in solitary confinement. You might think that he would not escape without any psychological damage but his senses remain mostly intact. He is drawn to the woman who saves him and  who is also master of disguise, Cassie. She is very clever and resourceful. She lost her family when she was just a girl visiting France. She was saved but circumstances brought her to England and also made her a spy.
The story line is very captivating. The excitement and thrill of the chase across France kept me riveted. Also the obstacles that stand in Cassie and Grey's path to be together is intriguing. I also love how Putney uses the power of family and forgiveness in this novel. Both characters are so afraid of their family's reaction to certain events they underestimate them. Overall this is a good read. I highly recommend it. This is a series that I would love to read more of in the future.
My rating:
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