Review: The Rake by Mary Jo Putney

Title: The Rake
Author: Mary Jo Putney
Publisher: Zebra
Publication Date: March 27, 2012
paperback, 396 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-4201-1727-1
Genre: Historical Romance
Source: Publisher

Summary (From GoodReads)

Disinherited and disgraced, Reginald Davenport's prospects cried for a dire end. But fate has given him one last chance at redemption—by taking his rightful place as the heir of Strickland, his lost ancestral estate. Davenport knows his way around women, yet nothing prepares him for his shocking encounter with Lady Alys Weston.
Masquerading as a man in order to obtain a position as estate manager of Strickland, Alys fled a world filled with mistrust and betrayal. She was finished with men—until Strickland's restored owner awakens a passion she thought she would never feel. A passion that will doom or save them both…if only they can overcome their pasts.

My thoughts:
The Rake by Mary Jo Putney is a charming novel about two characters who both try to throw convention to the wind and live life on their own terms. Reginald Davenport is a rake. It's true. It even says so in the title. He was adopted by his uncle after the tragic loss of his parents. His uncle is not a kind man. To get back at his uncle, who would do anything to avoid embarrassment, Reginald acts out. He's a womanizer and a card shark. Alys Weston has a more mysterious past. However it's not the past that's interesting it's her present. Alys is the steward of Strickland, the estate that Reginald recently inherited. Reginald arrives at Strickland to find out his steward is a woman. He is shockingly not at all disturbed by this fact. Actually not many characters in this novel are shocked by it. Alys is a smart, clever, hard working woman but because of the conventions that woman were bound to in this time period, I was a little disappointed that Alys didn't meet with more opposition. Despite my qualms, The Rake is an engaging story. Reginald is a flawed character that struggles with drinking. He also wants to prove himself a better man than most people perceive him to be. Alys is strong willed and always on the defensive. It's like she always is trying to prove to everyone that she is capable. She's also the adoptive parent to three children. She has a lot on her plate. Alys and Reginald work well together. They have a lot more in common that either of them think. Both of them are trying to prove they are more than meets the eye. This book is full of mystery, danger, and yes, romance. It's a fun read that you should definitely check out.
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  1. I usually don't like these kind of books but something about a confused hot male being the center of the story gets me every time. Great review!


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