Guest Post: Janiera Eldridge and Her Soul Sister Dream Cast

If Soul Sisters was a movie this is my Dream Cast!

So, just about every author has a dream cast for who they would choose to represent their characters if their book turned into a movie. I can never write a new character without having someone to base it off of (usually more on looks than personality). Below are the people who influenced the looks of Soul Sisters main characters!
Ani and Dana---------------Tia and Tamera Mowry

I’ve grown up with these twin childhood stars all my life. I think I’ve seen just about ever Sister, Sister episode there is. The moment I knew I was writing about twins, Tia &Tamera where the first set of twins that popped into my mind. They’re both just so beautiful!
Diego----- Laz Alonso

I wrote the character of Diego just for actor Laz Alonso. I knew from the very beginning my male character was based on him. I’m a huge fan of his; I even got to meet him in person. He was so nice to everyone who took pictures with him. When I started writing my book after I met him, I knew he was Diego in personality and looks.
Donovan-------- Xavier Samuel

I loved this actor’s all to brief performance in The Twilight Saga: Eclipse.  I had his handsome face in my mind the entire time I wrote about Donavan, the vampire leader.
Christian--------Anson Mount

I’ve been a fan of the actor Anson Mount for years now but his performance in one of my new favorite shows Hell on Wheels is amazing!!!! I would give anything to have him in my movies (you know a girl can dream!) His masculine features and deep down gut wrenching acting made  me create the character of the werewolf Christian just to have someone like him in my novel.
Marcel--------Michael Ealy

This gorgeous blue-eyed  actor was a no brainer. He is just so sexy, charismatic and brooding that he was so perfect for the docile but powerful vampire Marcel. I can’t wait to work with Marcel more in the second book of the trilogy.
I know there are a lot more men in the book than women but hey, this is a vampire book for the ladies. A lot of action but a lot of aristocratic beauty goes on in this book. I loved working with this multi-cultural cast of characters and I hope you enjoy your ride with them through Soul sisters.

Soul Sisters is an urban fantasy novel about African-American twin sisters Ani and Dana who have a rather unique secret: one sister is human while the other is a vampire. While the sisters have lived peacefully with each other for many years one fateful night will change both their lives forever. When a drunken man tries to attack Dana (the human sister) Ani (the vampire sister) protects her sister with all of her ferocious power. However, when the vampire?s leader Donovan finds out about the public display he calls for the sisters to be assassinated for disobedience. Ani and Dana now are in for the fight of their lives to protect each other as well as the lives of their dedicated friends who have joined them on their mission for survival. If Dana and Ani can make it through this time of uncertainty, Ani can take her new place as vampire queen. Soul Sisters is expected to be a trilogy; The book also features a multicultural cast of characters that brings a new edge of chic to the vampire world.

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  1. This book sounds really unique. I like the sisters where one is vampire the other human. I remember Sister, Sister. I used to watch that show all the time.

    1. Thanks Rachel! I did as well, Sister Sister was one of my favorite shows as a kid.


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