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The Second Book
By Sarah Healy

I didn’t really tell anyone I was writing my novel until I had finished. My husband knew— it never occurred to me not to tell him. Besides, it would have otherwise been difficult to explain my disappearing upstairs every night after our kids were asleep, to sit up in bed with my computer splayed out on my lap, clattering on keys. I told my sister when I started it, then didn’t mention it again until it was complete.  And as I got closer to the end of the first draft, I told a small handful of friends.
My secrecy during the writing process was a form of self-preservation, a defense against the well-intentioned inquiries around my progress. How’s the book coming? Is it done? Did you find an agent? A publisher?  I knew enough about the publishing world to understand that finishing your book is the easy part.
So you would assume that when the book sold, in my elation, I would have told everyone I knew. I’m sure some authors do just that. But I was surprised to still feel an almost a fierce sense of privacy. It was akin to the way I felt after my first child was born-- I wanted to hold him and never put him down and keep the world away from him for as long as possible.
And now that it’s publication day, I still feel like an ambivalent mother. I’m tired of it; I’m ready to see it stand on its own. But I also feel protective and nervous. Will people get it? How will it be judged? In my mind, I run over passages that I’d like to change, words I’d like to rearrange. But the indelibility of print prevents that. For better or for worse.
Right now, I’m digging into the second draft of my second novel, which I was adamant about finishing before my first book was published, if only because I didn’t want the reception of the first to impact the writing of the second. I wanted to keep the process as pure as possible and to do so, you have to plug your ears and close your eyes and dive into your story while holding your breath.
So I still go up to my room every night. I still write at least 1000 words, at least six nights a week. I still have a day job. I still wake-up and make my kids’ breakfast. And I still don’t talk much about the second book. Because right now it’s still mine. And someday soon, it won’t be.

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