Andrea Kane Q&A

1.      Q: Where do you do most of your writing?
A: Wherever my Pomeranian lets me.  It’s amazing where he can place his snout, his paws, his tail and his body on my laptop to prevent me from writingJ

2.      Q: Do you have an inspiration board for each book? Maybe a scrapbook? What inspires you when you’re writing?
A: No boards, no scrapbooks.  I’m a pretty cerebral person.  For me, the inspiration comes from within – characters with a story they’re excited to tell!

3.      Q: Are any characters in the book based on people you know or have met in your personal life?
A: I am constantly inspired by people (and animals) I meet while researching my novels:  FBI agents, cops, other law enforcement personnel, doctors, nurses, vets, dogs, as well as people I meet in my everyday life.  I think my characters embody the best and worst traits of all of them.  Working closely with the FBI has given me the opportunity to see integrity, dedication, intelligence, and insightfulness up close and personal.

4.      Q: Which part of THE LINE BETWEEN HERE AND GONE was the most enjoyable to write?
A: The best part of writing THE LINE, for me, was bringing back the whole FI team. They've become so real to me, I love "spending" more time with them!

5.      Q: Which part was the least enjoyable?
A: My readers know how I feel about children and animals. And, as a mother, it was so hard for me to write from Amanda's perspective as she watched her critically ill baby struggle for his life.

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