Q&A with Andrew John Rainnie

1. Why did you choose My Right Leg is Tastier Than My Left for your title?

It is the name of one of the chapter is the book, specifically Bangkok. When I was travelling I tried to make my blog titles funny or interesting. This specific one came about due to the fact that while sleeping in Bangkok, all the biting insects feasting on my right leg, but not my left, which meant I had one leg dotted with big splotches, while the other was relatively unscathed!

2. Why did you quit your job to travel the world?
I think the question should be why more people don't! I had been working the same job for five years, as well as freelancing and filmmaking, but my job was just a paycheck; the only thing I miss now are the friends I had there. But after I finished shooting my second short film, The Collector (based on a short story by acclaimed author Jonathan Lethem), I knew I had to go travelling then because I would not have the opportunity to do so again. We had shot for eight days in late 2010, which was quite a big shoot for a short film, and creatively I was very frustrated and depleted. Once there was an edit of the film I was happy with, I passed it onto the post-production sound team, who were going to be working on it while I travelled, then booked all my flights and ran!

3. What was one of the best experiences you had while traveling?
There are literally too many to choose from. I'm tempted to say one of the big activities I did like black water rafting or bungy jumping, but I think just meeting other travellers and connecting with people, especially with an old school friend Kenny Cook in Australia, and the friends I made around the world. I started out travelling very much still in the mind of a workaholic, but slowly realised that it was not just about seeing these amazing places, but meeting lots of new people on the road.

4. What was one of the worst experiences you had while traveling?
There are two. One was a con artist stealing $30 from me in Hanoi, which I eventually got back but after half an hour of shouting and swearing. Vietnam was a lovely country but as a solo backpacker I found myself the target of lots of people like that.

The second gives away the end of Part Three of the book (SPOILER ALERT) but I managed to break my leg in Peru, and ended up spending a few weeks in hospital being operated on before I could come home. While I did end up finishing my trip (or the last two weeks of it), it was such a devastating accident to have happen to you, especially when you have taken time out of your life, only to have it stolen away.

5. If you could have taken anyone (past/present) in the world with you, who would you choose?
Well I would say my friend Victoria, but she joined me in South America for a few weeks! I often mention an ex-girlfriend of mine in the book, Debbie, I guess she would have been the ideal companion from my own life, because I realised I do not know her as well I would like, so it would have been ideal (for me at least).

But if you mean ANYONE, I would have to go all geek-mode and say Joss Whedon. The man is pretty much my personal hero, and I found myself writing a lot on the road, so it would have been fun to have a writing guru to pitch ideas off of while we were say, swimming off the coast of Fiji or climbing the Great Wall of China.

Of course then The Avengers movie would never have been made, which would be criminal!

So no, no Joss Whedon. Let's go with Olivia Wilde. Hot, amazing actress - can't go wrong!

6. The Cover to your book is quite interesting. Do you often stow a cup in your bra?
Haha! Yeah, that picture was my Christmas card in 2011! It was from a pub in New Zealand called the Manipua Pub, or as it is affectionately know, the Poo Pub. The bus tour I was travelling on, The Kiwi Experience, booked it out for a private fancy dress party. We had chosen a Bags & Drag theme (girls in bin bags, boys in drag). None of the girls on the bus had anything remotely in my size, so I nipped off to Postie and picked up a pair of bra and pants, while my friend Lawrence purchased some balloons for our breasts!

However, for my sheer lack of shame I won a prize (second; the winner was this girl who created a massive wedding dress out of white bin bags). My prize was a DVD and photo package for a bungy jump, which I was not planning on doing as I'm pretty scared of heights. I took it as a sign that I should throw fear to the wind, and what an amazing experience that was.

But I'll tell you something, the balloon bra pint holder was very handy! I might even patent it! Many of my friends know I have little to no shame, and will do anything for a laugh.

7. Besides writing and traveling, what do you like to do?
Well writing is a large part of my life, but to relax I like to just chill in front of the TV or watch a film. I'm also an avid gamer, I'm currently News Editor at WarpZoned.com. If I wasn't so into filmmaking I think I would want to design video games.

8. What is one book you would recommend  everyone should read?
What a question! It would be a toss up between One Day by David Nicholls, which I read while travelling, or Markus Zusak's The Book Thief, which I have bought five times as gifts for other people. I think I cried while reading both.

9. What is your favorite thing from your hometown in Renfrew, Scotland
I'm not sure actually. I lived in London for six years, so coming back to Renfrew, everything has changed and most of my friends have moved away. There used to be a great tree I climbed as a kid, but its been knocked down for housing. As sad as it sounds, I would probably say Tesco, the local supermarket I used to work in while funding my way through university. I have lots of happy memories of that place (I made a short film inside it once!). I remember one shift, a packet of jelly burst open, so me and the other shelf-stackers took the individual cubes and tried to get them to stick to the ceiling which was trickier than it sounds, as you had throw it so that the arc of the throw caught the roof, otherwise it just bounced off. Anyway, a few of us managed it, and they are still there nearly a decade later!

10. What did you do last night? 
Nothing I will repeat in print!

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