Review: Fizz Nothing Is As It Seems by Zvi Schreiber

Title: Fizz: Nothing is as it seems
Author: Zvi Schreiber
Publisher: Zedess Publishing
Published: June 2011
paperback, 520 pages
ISBN: 0983396817 (ISBN13: 9780983396819)
Genre: Science Fiction, Young Adult
Source: Author

Fizz is a novel telling the story of the history of physics-mankind unraveling the universe-from the perspective of a young woman. Fizz revives the edu-novel genre made famous by Sophie's World, which sold 30 million copies worldwide. In response to environmental degradation, the Eco-community sect eschews science and technology, returning to an austere agricultural life of nature-worship. But one young member, Fizz, has a burning curiosity that defies suppression. Risking life and social standing, Fizz embarks on a quest that brings her face to face with the often-eccentric giants of physics, from Aristotle and Galileo, to Einstein and Hawking. One encounter at a time, Fizz pieces together the intricate workings of our universe, and struggles with the resulting intellectual, moral, and personal challenges. Returning as a changed person from the epic quest, Fizz faces the decision that will change her world forever.

My thoughts:
Fizz is truly one of the most interesting concepts I have come across in quite some time. The first time novelist begins his story about 100 years into the future. In a time where the ecological community or Ecommunity has completely separated themselves from the rest of civilization and has gone back to an agrarian lifestyle, dependant on the land and manual labor to produce the necessities of life. Fizz is a girl that is coming of age and must make a decision about her future. Fizz's father left the Ecommunity when she was very young but has come back to visit on her birthday as allowed in the Treaty of Separation. He is a scientist in the Outside world and her mind has been flooded since early childhood with science questions that are taboo in the Ecommunity. Every eighteen year old is given the opportunity to spend up to three weeks in the outside and then allowed to come back or remain in the outside.  She exercises her PCC- Personal Choice Clause in a very unique fashion. She uses her father’s newest invention to learn science from the greatest scientific minds of the past by traveling to them. This is a great coming of age story as well as a science lesson all rolled into one. While some artistic license is taken in the accounting of the interactions between Fizz and these people, it is still a lot of fun imagining the responses to this young girl asking these questions in a time when young girls didn’t ask these type questions.

Overall this was an excellent book. Well written and fun to read. The science geek in me especially loved it. The characters were thoroughly developed and you saw the maturation of Fizz into a capable young woman. I also thought the glimpse into many of the great scientist’s lives was interesting and very well done. Like I said earlier, some artistic license is taken but mostly in the timing of certain experiments not in who made discoveries or what discoveries were made. I found this to be one of the most fascinating books I have read in years. It had me from the beginning and kept me enthralled to the end.

My rating:
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  1. I don't know if i would like this book because it sounds a little too sci-fi for me. The synopsis is really interesting though and the cover is beautiful.
    Great review!
    Janiera @ Books & Beauty


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