Review: Born to Blood by Melanie Nowak

Title: Born To Blood: Almost Human, The Second Trilogy
Author: Melanie Nowak
Publisher: Wood Witch Dame Publications
Published: May 30, 2010
paperback, 376 pages
ISBN: 9780982410233
Genre: paranormal
Source: Author

Summary (from Goodreads):

Alyson used to think vampires were almost human; until she became one. Lovingly turned by her boyfriend Mattie, Allie has come to possess powers previously unknown among vampire kind. Now they seek the help of the elder vampire Cain, to discover not only what she is capable of, but why.
Still healing from heartbreak over Cain, Felicity looked forward to a nice, human relationship, but dating the son of a vampire hunter, and having a psychic bond with one of his prey makes life far from normal. How can she discover the truths of love when forced to live with so many secrets?
Someone has contrived a diabolical plan to control destiny, and blood may not only be the catalyst for change, but also the master of manipulation behind it. Is rebirth as a vampire always at the discretion of an undead sire, or sometimes is one simply born to blood?

Spoiler Alert: This book is part of a series. If you've not read the first trilogy then this review will contain spoilers. 
My thoughts:
Born to Blood is the first book in the second Almost Human trilogy by Melanie Nowak. The first three books in the series are really good, and I was excited to see what direction Nowak would take these characters. In the first trilogy we learn about Mattie, but he's a minor character. In Born to Blood  we finally get to know him. At the end of Evolving Ecstasy, Allie is turned into a vampire by Mattie. This book is their story. It picks up before Allie's change and follows the weeks after. Allie is one who marches to the beat of her own drum. As a vampire she isn't much different. However there is something unusual about her. They go to Cain to seek his guidance. Cain is depressed since leaving Felicity. Thinking he did the right thing, he tries to move on. Allie and Mattie's dilemma is the perfect distraction. However things are more complicated than they first appeared, and they're forced to seek help from a dangerous vampire.
The first book in this second trilogy sets up what looks to be a promising story throughout this trilogy. Born to Blood introduces some new mysterious characters as well as brings back the old ones. The world that Nowak creates is exciting. There is so much going on all the time. If you're a fan of this series, you don't want to miss out on this next trilogy of Almost Human. If you've not read it yet, then what are you waiting for. The next book in this series is Descendant of Darkness. I can't wait to see where Nowak takes these characters!
My rating: