Review: Grace Doll by Jennifer Laurens

Title: Grace Doll
Author: Jennifer Laurens
Publisher: Grove Creek Publishing
Published: August 20, 2012
ISBN: 978-1-933963-10-5
Genre: Young Adult, Paranormal
Source: Author

Grace Doll had everything a girl could want: Fame. Fortune. Beauty.
Everything except, of course, her freedom. So when a powerful movie producer forces an experimental treatment on Grace--one that's purported to make beauty immortal--she stages her own death to escape him.
With the help of trusted friends, Grace slips into hiding. She's forever flawless, forever young and forever pursued by her past.
But when a stranger arrives on her doorstep, holding the key to a life she thought she'd left behind, Grace must decide between the safety she's known... and embracing the role she was born to play

My thoughts:
Everything I've read by Jennifer Laurens I have really liked. Grace Doll is no exception. From the first page I was sucked into the story. Grace Doll is a young starlet back when Hollywood was more glamorous. She's married to successful movie producer, Rufus Solomon. Rufus is controlling, manipulative, and abusive to Grace. Grace longs for a way to escape her nightmare of a life. When the opportunity presents itself, she takes it. She manages to live in peace for years, but that ends the day that her long-time friend's son shows up at her door. It's the day she'd been dreading and waiting for. Brenden has the secret that his father has kept safe, and now Grace must decide how she's going to use it.
The book has some cringe-worthy scenes in it. Rufus is evil. I can't think of any other way to describe him. I kept thinking 'I hope he gets his comeuppance, and I hope it hurts!' Evil Rufus will not stop at nothing to get Grace back. I truly felt sorry for Grace. She is kind, gentle, and clever. She desperately wants to start a new life away from Rufus. Brenden is angry with his father, Jonathan. His whole life his dad has been absent from his life. Brenden doesn't like Grace for the simple fact that she took his father away from him. However getting to know Grace helps him understand his father in a way that he didn't before. Jennifer Laurens has this brilliant way of writing characters that stir up emotions. Good and bad.
The story line is good. It deals with obsession, love, and forgiveness. Grace Doll is definitely an unputdownable type of book. I couldn't rest until I knew how it was going to end. Once again Jennifer Laurens has blown me away with this latest book. This is a book and an author that I would strongly recommend.
My rating:

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