Guest Post: Reyna Hawk

Why I picked North Carolina as the setting for the Shattered Visions Haunted Memories
When I choose a location for any of my books I have to have some sort of connection with it. Either it is places I’d love to visit or have been.  Cherokee, North Carolina is one of the places I have spent a great amount of time in. I know a great deal about the entire surrounding; Cherokee, Waynesville, Maggie Valley, and Asheville. To me, that region of North Carolina is very mystique and awe inspiring. The beauty of the mountains can bring nearly anyone a sense of peace.
Well I guess I would have to go back to the first book on this one. North Carolina becomes a strong focal point of the story when Janie is taken to North Carolina by her husband Rico and the Mob boss Anthony. It is with their intentions to kill her or so she thinks. Anyway, at the time of this “vacation” they are living in New England. I chose this location for numerous reasons. I wanted a place that wasn’t too far in distance from New England. Yet, one that I was familiar with and that had areas that would be secluded and private. I am very familiar with that area of the USA. I’ve always found peace there when I visited and that was something Janie longed for. She wanted a normal life in a normal town. Her hopes ultimately were that Cherokee, NC would give her life.

Synopsis for Shattered Visions Haunted Memories
Just when Janie thought she had all she ever dreamt, the powers that be would suddenly change her course; throwing Janie head long into a world of uncertainty and casting a puzzling shadow on all this life she’d grown to love. Janie would soon discover nothing in her world was what it appeared. Leaving her confused, broken, and determined to find the answers in a new but familiar realm filled with secrets and deception.
Memories and turbulence lead Janie on her quest to discover the truth concerning herself, her past, the Petrilo crime family, and her brother’s murder. Is Rico's unfinished business in Cherokee to finish the hit the Petrilos put on her? Is Malachi willing to take a bullet for his new love; or will he walk away from the danger and free himself of the drama Janie has brought to his once peaceful life? Love and deceit will lead them all to the truth.
Shattered Visions Haunted Memories is the third book of the Valentine/Petrilo series. Book one is Looking Through Blind Eyes; book two is Reflection of Secrets.

About the author:
Reyna Hawk is a 44 year old mother of one son and grandmother to one beautiful 3 year old little girl. Born and raised in Cincinnati, Ohio Reyna has always loved writing and story-telling. Her passion for telling stories began at a very young age when she was making up stories to tell her school friends. Reyna has an Associate of Arts in Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts in Cultural Anthropology. 
The Valentine/Petrilo Series consists of  book one is “Looking Through Blind Eyes” which was released on May 17, 2012; Book two of the series is titled “Reflection of Secrets” and was released in July 2012; book three is titled “Shattered Visions Haunted Memories” release date was September 19, 2012.  This series follows the twists and turns of Janie Valentine’s life when she unknowingly becomes entangled with the Petrilo Crime Family. 
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