Review: Behind Jane Austen's Door by Jennifer Forest

Title: Behind Jane Austen's Door
Author: Jennifer Forest
Published: January 16, 2012
Genre: Non-Fiction
Source: Author

Behind Jane Austen's Door takes you on a tour of a Regency house, room by room, to explore these delicate challenges and the beautiful lives of Jane Austen's women.

My thoughts:
Behind Jane Asuten's Door by Jennifer Forest is a great book for Jane Austen fans to read. It's a really quick read at about 54 pages. Jennifer Frost takes you into a regency style house and explains the importance of the rooms from the decorations to the social standings, a room would convey it all. The author goes from room to room giving you an imaginary tour of the rooms and their uses. I really enjoyed reading this book. It helped me understand more about this time period and the characters that Jane Austen wrote about. I think Forest did a fantastic job. If you love Jane Austen or books set in Regency/Victorian era, this book will definitely shed some light on that time period.
My rating: