Review: The Devil's Legacy by Tom Jackson

Title: The Devil's Legacy
Author: Tom Jackson
Publisher: Smashwords
Published: October 27, 2011
ISBN: 9781466012820
Source: author

The opening of Pandora’s Box creates pandemonium in the office of the British Prime Minister. A team is assembled to solve a two hundred year old conspiracy in order to prevent the Box’s incredible secrets from being revealed to the world and plunging British society into chaos. Will the search for truth be successful? And will it result in the restoration of a country’s stolen heritage?

My thoughts:
The British government's decision to return the Parthenon Marbles to Greece triggers the opening of Pandora's Box, covertly held 100 years in the vaults of the British Museum.  This reveals the first of many secrets....The Parthenon Marbles are counterfeit.

Natalia Sinclair, a lawyer by trade, would head up a team of experts comprised of archaeological experts and secret service agents. The mission, to find the real  marbles and return them to Greece before the six month dead line expires.  She has become the first woman and youngest Director in the history of the British Museum.  She is full of self doubt and has a fear of  the unknown and of failure.  Could she lead this team of professionals?  Where would she start?  Was this mission really possible?

I liked this book.  It is a fantastic treasure hunt through the centuries.  It kept me guessing who the good guys and the bad were.  Each chapter brought me on an adventure and closer to the answer to the marbles.  The ending was explosive and most satisfying.

My rating: