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Hello everyone, I am Elizabeth J. Kolodziej and one of my favorite parts about writing is the researching involved. Especially when it comes to creatures of the paranormal design. Currently, I have finished up a novella for Sizzler Editions staring Sultrus from Demon Protection Plan (part of an anthology, The Sexiest Time of the Year: Erotic Encounters at the Yule Season).
I find demons to be mysterious because I haven’t written about them much and my mom is worried about me doing so (dark creatures should always be revered). Yet vampires she has no problem with! Go figure. Anyways, when writing about a new type of creature, as a writer, I am creating a brand new world with rules I have to follow, therefore, the research is very important.
For instance, I have to decide if demons are capable of love. What do I do to figure this out? I go to the library, which is also known as my living room. I have my own demon encyclopedia I got years ago. It lists hundreds of demons and their stories, which of course interests me since demonology isn’t a subject heard around the water cooler.
Certain books on the subject I would love to read and am not able to, but I digress. The stories, in the book I have, of actual demons don’t appear to ever involve love, however this is paranormal romance erotica, so I have to do something, but I want to stay true to what a demon actually is.
So my thought process takes me to the question: what are demons associated with? Lust! To solve my dilemma after looking at the pieces to this puzzle I end up with the following explanation. This is Sultrus speaking with Serena (both demons) about bonding and what it means for a demon:

“With a lingering suspicion she puckered her lips before making a smacking sound with her tongue. “Because demons are normally born as demons, and not at some point a human; they are incapable of bonding for life the same way vampires and humans do. As demons we are not born with the ability or knowledge of love, the closest emotion being that of lust. However, we do have an innate talent for protecting that which we believe to be our property. Do you see where the difference lies?”
“People who fall in love to create that strong bond don’t see the one they love as property?”
“Bingo, baby.” She pointed her finger at me like a gun and winked at me.”

TA DA! I have now created a rule I have to follow with demons unless of course I figure out some way to break the rule, which does happen in lots of books all the time. However, it’s normally good to stick to the rules I create so readers don’t find me wishy-washy.
At the end of the day, this is how and why I research, because I come up with amazing ideas like that! Not to toot my own horn, however, I was just really excited with that concept for the story. Don’t ask me why. I get excited about the oddest things sometimes! (Most times).
A big thank you to 2 Read or Not 2 Read for having me on their blog for a guest post. I really hope you enjoyed my ranting and if you liked that sneak peak at my novella, From Demon, With Love, I hope you will check out my other stories, not all of which are erotica. The Last Witch Series is pure PNR (paranormal romance), which you can check out at www.vampyrekisses.com

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  1. Update! From Demons, With Lust will be out on Amazon on Saturday 10/27!!

    <3's and fangs,
    Liz ^_^


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