Review: Shadow of Night by Deborah Harkness

Title: Shadow of Night (#2 All Souls Trilogy)
Author: Deborah Harkness
Publisher: Viking
Published: July 10, 2012
Genre: Paranormal
Source: Edelweiss

Goodreads Summary:
Shortly after Diana Bishop and Matthew Clairmont timewalk to London, 1590, they discover that the past may not provide a safe haven after all. Reclaiming his former identity as poet and spy Matthew Roydon, the vampire falls back in step with a group of radicals known as the School of Night who share dangerous ideas about God, science, and man. Many of his friends are unruly daemonsn - the creative minds of the age who walk the fine line between genius and madness - including playwright Christopher Marlowe and mathematician Thomas Harriot. Matthew, himself, is expected to continue to spy for Queen Elizabeth, which puts him in close contact with London's cutthroat underworld.

*Spoiler Alert- This is the second book in a series. This review will contain spoilers for A Discovery of Witches*
My thoughts:
After I finished A Discovery of Witches by Deborah Harkness, I could hardly wait to dive into Shadow of Night. Most of this book takes place in the past. Way in the past. Diana and Mathew travel back in time to try to find a witch that can teach Diana as well as find the book that started them on this adventure. While the past can be exciting, it can also be very dangerous. Especially for witches. Matthew has already lived through this period in time, so he's no stranger to it. Diana hasn't, so she sticks out like a sore thumb. Matthew also keeps some very interesting company. Their interference with the past might have some consequences for the future.
I enjoyed reading the second book in the All Souls Trilogy. I do think Harkness could have left out a few chapters of this book without taking away from the integrity of the story line. Overall it was good though. I enjoyed the new characters introduced in this book, but I also missed some of the characters from the first book.  My new favorite characters are Gallowglass and Goodie Alsop. I hope to see more of them in the third book. I'm eager to see where the third book takes us. There seems to be a lot happening in this trilogy and  it seems impossible that Harkness will be able to wrap everything up in the last book. I've enjoyed the first two books, so if she wanted to extend the trilogy into a full-on series, I would not complain.

My rating:


  1. I loved Gallowglass too! Another one of my favs was Matthews father, Philip. When I read the end, I was so confused. It ended too abruptly for me. I enjoyed both books and am looking forward to the third. I also agree about some of the chapters could have been removed but overall, it was a good read. :)

    1. Philip was a great character also. I was a little confused at the ending as well. I think it will all be cleared up in the next book. Hopefully.


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