Guest Post: How Big Are Your Cohones?

How Big Are Your Cohones?
by: Dodge Winston

A bold question for a bold, brave new world. But really, how big are your cohones? What would you be willing to do to set things right? And how big of a problem would it have to be for you to stick your neck out on the line… or even your cohones?!
There’s a lot of issues out there in this divided country. There are arguments over everything from race, sexual identity, God, and how much we should pay in taxes. It’s no wonder that we are in debt. Shopping seems to be the only thing we do well today. Oh… actually we scuffle the hardest on Black Friday so I guess we can’t claim the shopping title either.
The point is that our spine, our neck, our courage… our cohones are being sacrificed under the suffocating blanket of division and too many issues. That, my fellow reader, is where Drake Eldorado steps in.
I wrote the Drake Eldorado books to address an issue in a fictional, horrific way. The issue is globalization and what that may entail when coming from a paranormal perspective. I mean really, what’s more terrifying than a global government being fused together under lies, deception, and murder by the hand of the dark side? It doesn’t get scarier than that. And Drake has huge cohones! He’s more than willing to lay those big boys on the anvil of brutality so humanity can be freed to make its own world.
If Drake has the ability to address his own personal issues, to dig deep into his own psyche and clean house as well as go after the demons of the industry in order to free mankind’s mind from the manufactured reality that has been placed over our five senses then what about you? What are you willing to fight for and what would it take to get you from here to there?
I like looking at things in a big picture kind of way as opposed to slivers and pieces. It’s my intuitive sense that has seemingly been more reliable than media-branded fact that steers me upon an uncommon path. And I can find no better way to share that than with writing. Horror, paranormal, and the supernatural genres are the perfect vehicle for Drake Eldorado and the mirroring of reality today via the power of fiction. It’s the questions asked, the lessons learned, and the debates ignited from those who identify with fictional scenarios that lends creativity to real change in the real world. But be aware. You just might get your cohones smashed! Are you willing and able?

Author Bio:
Dodge Winston was born in Oakland, CA in 1970. He attended Napa Valley College and Solano Community College accumulating 70 units then the desire to write full-time struck. Placing the pursuit of a higher education on the back burner, he wrote voraciously, knocking out screenplays, teleplays, treatments, news articles, and other works.
Some of the things he enjoys are anime, graphic novels, mixed martial arts (MMA), well-made movies (Sin City, 300, Lord of the Rings trilogy, Star Wars saga), unique authors (Robert E. Howard, Karl Edward Wagner, James Patterson), topics related to globalization (Jeremy Rifkin, Jagdish Bhagwati) and anti-globalization too. He is a creator at heart, an information junky and someone who thoroughly enjoys fiction and how it can mirror reality.
Dodge is married, has two children, is considering getting a dog for the family, and currently lives in the San Francisco Bay Area. You can find Dodge in one of three places - rehabbing the family house (room by room), supervising at the water quality control plant or taking advantage of slivers of writing time when all is quiet.

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