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6 Holiday Giveaway!

Dear Readers,
To Read or Not To Read has decided to take a hiatus until the New Year. So we'll be back in 2014 with reviews, giveaways, interviews, and guest posts. Until then we wanted to leave you with a Christmas giveaway, or er, the day after Christmas giveaway. This giveaway is a little different. Instead of telling you what books you're entering for, we're going to give you hints instead. Since we're giving away a good number of books, this giveaway is only open to US addresses only. Remember you must be at least 13 years old to enter. Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Giveaway #1:
Hint 1: book 1 is a western romance and book 2 is a contemporary romance
Hint 2: Both books have a second chances theme
Hint 3: If you like men in uniform you'll really like book 2; if you like hell-raisers, then book 1 will definitely be for you.

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Giveaway #2:
Hint 1: This book is for fantasy lovers. Especially lovers of fairy tales.
Hint 2: This book came out this year and is optioned to be a film.
Hint 3: "Try to Escape, You'll Always Fail, The Only Way Out is Through A Fairy Tale."

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Giveaway #3
Hint 1: Two books, same author, contemporary romance
Hint 2: It takes place in Nevada
Hint 3: There are gold in them hills!

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Giveaway #4
Hint 1: Three books, 1 finished, 2 arcs; contemporary romance, same author
Hint 2: New York Times Best Selling Author
Hint 3: "The friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter." 

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Giveaway #5
Hint 1: Three books, new series, 2 finished copies, 1 arc, contemporary romance
Hint 2: The boys in these books are a little on the bad boy side
Hint 3: If you like books where opposites attract, then you'll like these.

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Giveaway #6
Hint 1: Three books, all arcs, contemporary romance
Hint 2: Six handsome brothers and two beautiful sisters
Hint 3: The titles of these books are all named after songs.

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2 Merry Christmas

Monday, December 23, 2013

0 The Winter Witch Giveaway

Thanks to St. Martin's Press I have a copy of the book to giveaway to a lucky reader. To enter you must be at least 13 years old. Also this giveaway is for US residents only. Good luck! 

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0 Cody Simpson and One Direction

The first official all-access look into the life of singing sensation Cody Simpson. Follow Cody as he goes from singing cover songs in his bedroom to opening sold-out concerts for Justin Bieber. With never-before-seen photos, behind-the-scenes interviews, and exclusive information, this book is perfect for pop music fans and for Cody's Angels.

Calling all One Direction fans!

This is the only official book from 1D charting their journey over the last year and a half—from the places they've visited and fans they've met, to their thoughts and feelings, hopes and dreams, highs and lows. It has been a phenomenal year—and this is a phenomenal story.

This Christmas, there will be no other book that true One Direction fans will want!

Two new books for Cody Simpson and One Direction lovers have come out just in time for the holidays! These books are lovely. They're both hard cover novels full of beautiful photographs and juicy information. And the One Direction book cover is also a poster. Fans will love these books and spend hours drooling over them. You probably know someone who will have these books on their Christmas list! 

Sunday, December 22, 2013

2 Doctor Who Rewatch: The episode in which I cry more than I thought possible.

If you're just joining the rewatch, here's what we're doing: We're re-watching Doctor Who this fall to prepare for the big anniversary special. I know that Doctor Who has been around for 50 years, but for time sake we're going to start with series 1 of 2005. If you've not watched it, but have wanted to. Here's your chance. We're watching via Netflix, so join us if you can. I'm sorry this is up so late, but I've got whatever is going around, and it's left me a little sluggish. However today's episode will only be one. Season 2, episode 13. This episode left me with so many feels that I could bear to watch another just yet. If you've watched Doctor Who before, you're familiar with what I'm talking about.

Season 2, episode 13
Title: Doomsday
Original Air Date: July 8, 2006
Directed by:  Graeme Harper
Written by: Russell T Davis

So after we left off with that huge cliffhanger of Daleks and Cybermen invaded earth, we are left with today's tearjerker episode. And if you've not watched it yet, then you should know you're going to need tissues. In fact I'm a blubbering mess right now.

So this happened:

And this:

Which was pretty great. but then this happened:

And this:

And this:

And this has left me with a bunch of feels. Also this is my last Doctor Who post until 2014. See you then!

0 Warriors: The Ultimate Guide

Featuring never-before-seen information about the warrior cats, Warriors: The Ultimate Guide is a necessary addition to every Warriors collection and is perfect for both longtime fans and those just getting to know the world. This full-color book includes:

All of the content from Warriors: Cats of the Clans
Brand-new art and detailed descriptions for forty more cats An in-depth look at each of the five warrior Clans

Warriors: The Ultimate Guide has everything you ever wanted to know about the wild cat clans in The Warriors series. The book includes maps, in-depth looks at characters, and beautiful illustrations. Plus there's also short stories and the book cover turns into a poster. 

This book is a must have for fans of the series. You could spend hours upon hours reading this book. It's also a great companion to have with the series. When my daughter started reading these books, I was a bit concerned she'd have a hard time keeping the characters straight. Mostly because there were so many characters. However she seemed--for the most part--not to have any trouble. I think fans of this series will love this book. 

Saturday, December 21, 2013

0 Walking With Dinosaurs

A few years ago, my son was heavy into dinosaurs and that's when we got hooked on BBC's Walking With Dinosaurs. We watched the DVD at least fifty times. It was incredibly crafted. The graphics were so life-like, it was as if a television crew were really filming live dinosaurs. Then we bought tickets to Walking With Dinosaurs live. If you ever get the chance to go, you should! It was really cool. Now a new Walking With Dinosaurs 3D will be in theaters December 20. Here's the trailer:

In the television series, the dinos don't talk. Honestly, I'm not sure how I feel about that. However I think it will still be cool to watch. To go along with the movie, Harper Collins has come out with companion books. 

The Walking with Dinosaurs Encyclopedia is filled with facts about the dinosaurs from the movie as well as facts about the world the dinosaurs inhabited and theories about their rise and fall. With full-color images from the film and photos of paleontologists at work, this encyclopedia is a must-have item for Walking with Dinosaurs fans.

Walk with the dinosaurs in this storybook with stickers, based on the motion picture. It's time for the Pachyrhino herd to move from their summer home to the winter ground. As the migration begins, three young  Pachyrhinos--Patchi, Scowler, and Juniper--discover great wonders and terrible dangers when they're separated from their families along the way. Will these three friends survive the journey, and find their way home?

Walk with the dinosaurs in this Level 2 I Can Read book based on the motion picture. In this story, Patchi meets Juniper and knows he's finally found a friend. There's only one problem: She's in a different herd. I Can Read books are designed to encourage a love of reading. Walking with Dinosaurs: Friends Stick Together is a Level Two I Can Read book, geared for kids who read on their own but still need a little help.

They have books for all ages! Fans of dinosaurs will love them as will the parents. This is such a great series that you don't want to miss!  

Friday, December 20, 2013

0 The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray Excerpt

The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray by Mitzi Szereto
Publication date: Nov. 2013 (North America); Dec. 2013 (rest of the world)
Trade paperback
288 pages
ISBN #978-1573449656
Publisher: Cleis Press, USA
Genre: Paranormal Romance/Gothic Horror/Erotic Fiction/LGBT Fiction


What if Dorian Gray Faked His Death and Led a Secret Life?

Inspired by Oscar Wilde’s classic novel The Picture of Dorian Gray, Mitzi Szereto’s The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray continues where Wilde left off with the Faustian tale of a man of eternal youth and great physical beauty who lives a life of corruption, decadence, and hedonism. The story begins in the bordellos of Jazz-Age Paris, moving to the opium dens of Marrakesh and the alluring anonymity of South America. In his pursuit of sensation and carnal thrills, Dorian’s desires turn increasingly extreme as he leaves behind yet more devastation and death. He ultimately settles in present-day New Orleans, joining forces with a group of like-minded beings known as the Night People. They inadvertently return to Dorian his humanity when he falls in love with a young woman he rescues from becoming their victim. Will she be his redemption? Or will she be his final curse?

About the author:
Mitzi Szereto is a bestselling multi-genre author and anthology editor, has her own blog “Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog” and is the creator/presenter of the Web channel “Mitzi TV”, which covers “quirky” London. Her books include Thrones of Desire: Erotic Tales of Swords, Mist and Fire; Pride and Prejudice: Hidden Lusts; Normal for Norfolk (The Thelonious T. Bear Chronicles); Red Velvet and Absinthe: Paranormal Erotic Romance; Getting Even: Revenge Stories; Dying for It: Tales of Sex and Death; and In Sleeping Beauty’s Bed: Erotic Fairy Tales. Her anthology Erotic Travel Tales 2 is the first anthology of erotica to feature a Fellow of the Royal Society of Literature. She divides her time between the UK and USA.

Author Links:
Mitzi Szereto website:

Mitzi Szereto on Twitter:

The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray website:

The Wilde Passions of Dorian Gray on Facebook:

Errant Ramblings: Mitzi Szereto’s Weblog:

Buy Links:

Dorian Gray awakens as if from the grave. A great weight presses down on him from above, but when he looks up to determine the cause, realizes it’s his head, which feels so heavy upon the stem of his neck that he expects it to tumble off and land on the crumpled bedding beneath him. Even the air itself is heavy, as if he were trying to breathe through cotton wool.

He blinks several times to clear his vision, the effort of moving his lids far too strenuous an endeavor to undertake without discomfort; the upper lids feel as if cast-iron window weights have been attached to them. The bluish haze that blurs the objects in the lavishly appointed bedroom make him wonder if he has somehow developed shortsightedness as his puffy and burning eyes struggle to focus and make sense of his surroundings. He hears the sound of breaths being drawn in and then released in a steady rhythm that might have been soothing if not for his disorientation. Are they his or someone else’s?

Red velvet draperies cover the tall windows and they move sluggishly in the breeze as if they too, are affected by this overwhelming sense of heaviness that afflicts him. They remind Dorian of curtains in a theater and he expects them to swing open, revealing players on a stage. Instead they reveal irregular chinks of yellow light, which insinuate themselves inside the room, informing him that it’s morning.

The clarity of his vision slowly returns, bringing with it more detail. Embroidered silk cushions lie scattered across the wooden floorboards, as do overturned glasses and random bits of gray ash. The bed upon which he finds himself appears to be a tangled heap of arms and legs, the more slender among them of female origin. They crisscross each other in a haphazard pattern. Arms as white as the first winter snow. Arms as black as polished ebony. Some look as if they belong to the same body, though Dorian knows this to be physically impossible. Lying amid the jumble he detects the gentle curve of a woman’s breast and, unless he’s mistaken, the graceless wedge of a man’s foot.

That Dorian is inside a bedchamber becomes obvious to him. It might be his, though he can’t be certain. He seems to recollect a small man with a pencil-thin moustache and a worn yellow tape around his neck measuring the window frames with extravagant meticulousness, then afterward producing several swatches of fabric, one of which was red velvet. The memory’s returning to him in more clarity now. Monsieur Larouche, the curtain maker. His men finished hanging the red velvet draperies a few weeks ago.

As for the hours that have just gone past, they continue to remain a confused jumble of images in Dorian’s mind, though the fragrant after-scents of smoked opium and female pleasure tease at the edges of his memory like a tickling finger, gradually bringing him back to consciousness. Painted scarlet lips pulling on the tip of an opium pipe, then later, pulling on the tip of his manhood. Secretive openings being filled by inquisitive fingers as well as other objects not generally suited for the purpose. Yes, the mislaid hours of the night are finally being located!

At some point Dorian lost count of the number of times he spent himself, though he suspects it transpired at least once with each person present in the room and likewise with those who already departed to seek out the familiarity of their own beds. He squeezes his eyes shut and reopens them, the burning less troublesome now. Despite the tiny veins of red marring the sclera, their blue is as pure as the sky on a perfect spring day. Yet the tableau laid out before him is anything but pure.

Is that a young man lying unconscious on a heap of silk cushions by the window or a young woman with short-cropped hair? He’ll never grow accustomed to these young ladies who sheer off their pretty locks in this masculine manner. He prefers men to look like men and women to look like women; at least then one can always tell who the players are. The figure on the cushions moves ever so perceptively, yet it is enough. It offers Dorian a pleasing vista of two well-formed hind cheeks that remind him of hot cross buns. The sight of them makes him hungry, though it’s not a meal he hungers for. On the contrary, his is a hunger that never ceases—and it cannot be appeased with anything so mundane as food. 

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2 Review: Deck the Halls, We're Off the Walls!

Title: Deck the Halls, We're Off the Walls! (My Weird School Special)
Author: Dan Gutman
Pictures by Jim Paillot,
Publisher: Haper Collins Childrens
Published: September 24, 2013
Paperback, 144 pages
ISBNN: 978-0-06-220685-4
Genre: Children's
Source: Publisher

About the book:
It's Christmas, and you know what that means! Santa Claus is coming to town! Or at least to the local mall. But what happens when kid rapper Cray-Z gives a Christmas concert at the same mall and all his fans go bananas? One thing's for sure—if A.J. and his friends from Ella Mentry School want to save the day, they will need a Christmas miracle.

My thoughts:
Deck the Halls, We're Off the Walls a Weird School holiday special. The kids are on Christmas vacation and what do you do on Christmas vacation? Go see Santa of course! A.J. and his friends load up to go to the mall, but with these kids you know it's not going to be an easy trip. A.J. gets in all sorts of mischief as the day goes on. 

Fans of My Weird School will love this holiday edition. They'll enjoy going on another adventure with A.J. and laugh at all his shenanigans. There is also a section at the end of the book full of quizzes, games, puzzles and more. This book is sure to keep kids entertained this Christmas season!

My rating:

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0 Mini Review: Claus: Legend of the Fat Man and The Annihilation of Foreverland by Tony Bertauski

This summer was a summer of change.  My husband semi-retired in June and we moved from Louisiana to Alabama.  July our two oldest grandchildren moved in with us. 
During this time of transition, I have done a lot of reading.  I found a new genre that I simply adore.  I read sequels to the books I have waited patiently   (not really)  to be published.  I have been introduced , thru reading, to new authors like: Karen Cantwell, Stephanie Bond, Barbra Annieno, and Tony Bertauski just to name a few.
The first set of books I want to tell you about are written by Tony Bertauski Claus: Legend of the Fat Man and The Annihilation of Foreverland.

Claus: Legend of the Fat Man:
In 1818, William Perry commanded the ship, Alexander into the Artic region.  Upon returning to England, it was reported that three of his crew members had gone missing during a stop to Baffin Bay.
While the missing crew members appeared to be acquaintances,  there were rumors that they were actually related.  One deckhand claimed to know where they had gone....the North Pole.
I loved this book!!!  Christmas is one of my favorite holidays.  I was excited when I stumbled upon this book.  Mr. Bertauski delivers an awesome new approach on the creation of Santa Claus.  His characters are intense, full of emotion and have a determination of any community fighting for their freedom.  I love a book that hooks me in the beginning and carries me thru every twist and turn to deliver me at the end totally satisfied  with the ride, smiling.  So put on your parkas people, it's going to be a icy ride!!!!

The Annihilation of Foreverland
When kids show up on the island, they're told there was an accident.  Before they can go home, they will visit Foreverland, an alternate reality that will heal their minds.
Reed dreams of a girl that tells him to resist Foreverland.  He doesn't remember her name, but he remembers he loved her once.  He will have to endure great suffering and trust he is not insane.
Danny Boy, the new arrival, meets Reed's dream girl inside Foreverland.  She is stuck inside the fantasy land that no kid can resist.  Where every hearts desire is satisfied.    Why would anyone care how Foeverland work?
Great story.  Kind of like Peter Pan gone horribly wrong.  The characters are strong.  The action is robust and there are twists and turns around every corner.  Never a dull moment from cover to cover.

Tuesday, December 17, 2013

0 Review: A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition

Title: A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition
Author: Lee Mendelson
Publisher: It Books
Published: October 22, 2013
Hardcover, 192 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-227214-0
Genre: Nonfiction
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition is a lushly illustrated tribute to the beloved television classic that takes readers behind-the-scenes of the Peanuts holiday special. It includes the script of A Charlie Brown Christmas, more than two hundred full-color pieces of original animation art, Vince Guaraldi's original score and publication notes for the songs "Christmas Time is Here" and "Linus and Lucy," and a look at the making of the feature from producer Lee Mendelson and original animator, the late Bill Melendez. The two share their personal memories and charming reminiscences on the Christmas special and reflect on their three decades of working with Peanuts creator, Charles M. Schulz.

A Charlie Brown Christmas: The Making of a Tradition is a delightful and fitting salute to the holiday special that never fails to deepen your love of Christmas, touch your heart, and give you hope.

My thoughts:

I have been a fan of Charlie Brown for most of my life. Christmas doesn't seem like Christmas until I've watched A Charlie Brown Christmas on television. So you can imagine my excitement when I received this book chronicling the making of the show. This book doesn't really go in depth about the Peanuts creator Charles Schulz, but it's more of a behind the scenes look at how this cartoon came into being. 

This book contains interviews from some of the people who worked closely with Schulz as well as reflections from some of the people who worked on A Charlie Brown Christmas. And while all that is interesting to read, I found the rough sketches, the illustrated script, and the music from the television show just as fascinating. There is something about the simplicity of these characters that speaks to the heart of millions of people. This show has been on the air for almost 50 years and there is a good reason for it.

If you're a fan of this show like I am, then you'll want to read this book. It's perfect for all ages. The younger kids will enjoy reading the illustrated script, while the older ones will enjoy reading about the making of a tradition. 

My rating:

Monday, December 16, 2013

1 Excerpt – Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna

Considered useless by his cold-hearted father, Nico Foscari, eldest son of one of the founding families in Venice, hides his pain behind gambling, drinking and womanizing.

After her husband’s untimely demise, Marietta Gatti returns to her hometown of Venice in hopes of starting a new life and finding the happiness that was missing in her forced marriage.

When Fate throws them together, friendship begins to grow into love until Marietta learns a Foscari family secret that may have cost her father his life. Now, she must choose between vengeance, forgiveness, and love.

Elizabeth McKenna’s latest novel takes you back to the days of eighteenth century Carnival, where lovers meet discreetly, and masks make everyone equal.

About the author:
Elizabeth McKenna works as a full-time technical writer/editor for a large software company. Though her love of books reaches back to her childhood, she had never read romance novels until one Christmas when her sister gave her the latest bestseller by Nora Roberts. She was hooked from page one (actually, she admits it was the first love scene). She had always wanted to write fiction, so when a psychic told her she would write a book, she felt obligated to give it a try. She combined her love of history, romance and a happy ending to write her debut novel Cera's Place. Her short story, The Gypsy Casts a Spell, is available for free on her website She hopes you will enjoy her latest novel, Venice in the Moonlight, as much as others have enjoyed her previous works.

Elizabeth lives in Wisconsin with her understanding husband, two beautiful daughters, and sassy Labrador. When she isn't writing, working, or being a mom, she's sleeping.

Venice in the Moonlight Ebook: $.99 (US) at Amazon and Barnes & Noble
Venice in the Moonlight Paperback: $6.99 (US) at CreateSpace and Amazon
Cera's Place E-book: $.99 (US) at AmazonBarnes & NobleSmashwordsAppleKoboSony and Diesel.
Cera's Place Paperback: $10.99 (US) at CreateSpaceAmazon and  
The Gypsy Casts a Spell (short story): Available for free.
“Like” Elizabeth McKenna and Cera’s Place on Facebook

Excerpt – Venice in the Moonlight by Elizabeth McKenna 
Nico shrugged in the French wingback chair they had placed by the fireplace for his portrait. He looked regal in a black silk suit trimmed in gold and a waistcoat of burgundy and gold leaf-patterned brocade. It seemed Raul had excellent taste in men’s fashions.
Marietta rolled her eyes before she settled in a chair behind the easel. “Please keep still while I draw.”
“May I talk?”
“I’d rather you didn’t.” Looking at him was going to be enough distraction. She didn’t need to listen to him also.
He ignored her request. “I have to ask—why Palladino?”
Marietta blew out an exasperated breath. “I can’t sketch you properly if you talk.”
“You could have chosen any man at the Consul’s villa. Casanova himself expressed interest in you, yet you leave with that pig.”
“It’s not what you think.” She compared her drawing to Nico and frowned. His shoulders were no longer in the same position.
“You didn’t have to suffer the man’s dismal lovemaking. What were you thinking?”
“We did not make love,” she replied through clenched teeth.
He continued as if not hearing her. “You’re the first woman in years that he didn’t have to pay, though he would never admit to his need for courtesans. I just don’t understand how you could find him appealing.”
“We did not make love.” She practically shouted it this time. “I’m not attracted to Palladino or any other man for that matter.”
This silenced him, gratefully, but only for a few moments. “Well, in that case, I know of a few courtesans that can accommodate you. I am told they are quite beautiful and skilled.”
Marietta threw down her charcoal and marched over to him. She grabbed his shoulders and repositioned him. “That is not what I meant and you know it.”
He smiled up at her innocently. “I didn’t mean to offend you, but you have refused my charms, so what should I think?”
She glared at him for her own benefit, knowing it would have no effect on the man. “You need to stop talking and moving.”
When he didn’t respond, she said, “That’s better.”
He lasted almost fifteen minutes. “So, what kind of man are you attracted to? Perhaps, I could suggest a few potential lovers.”
“How about one who has fewer conquests than fingers and toes? Or one that values honesty and fidelity over all else? Do you know any like that?”
From the thoughtful look on his face, he took this as an earnest question. “I’m afraid a man like that will be hard to find in Venice, especially this time of year.”
“Well, then, I guess I’ll have to go without.”
“How depressing. What will you do for amusement if you don’t take a lover?”
Marietta rubbed at her temples and decided she deserved more than the coins she’d already been paid. “There’s more to life than pleasuring oneself.”

“Yes, Signore, really.” She placed her stub of charcoal on the easel’s tray and rolled the stiffness from her neck and shoulders. “That is all for today. I have another appointment.” It was a lie, but she felt the need to rest and the bed in the corner was tempting her tired body. – Copyright 2013

Saturday, December 14, 2013

0 3D glasses might save your life.

If you're just joining the rewatch, here's what we're doing: We're re-watching Doctor Who this fall to prepare for the big anniversary special. I know that Doctor Who has been around for 50 years, but for time sake we're going to start with series 1 of 2005. If you've not watched it, but have wanted to. Here's your chance. We're watching via Netflix, so join us if you can. This is week we're discussing Season 2, episodes 11 and 12. 

Season 2, episode 11
Title: Fear Her
Original Air Date: June 24, 2006
Directed by:  Euros Lyn
Written by: Matthew Graham

What is it about children that make them really creepy villains. Like when they're possessed by aliens and they trap everyone they see into pictures that are alive. Yeah. Like that. It's creepy. It's a wonder the human race has survived thus far. Who wants to procreate when you're children might end up terrorizing you. Okay, I know that most of the time that only happens on television. Although I have seen some news stories that have given me pause. 
This episode was cool because although it takes place in the Doctor and Rose's future, it's our past. And by our, I mean you and me. You see it takes place during the summer Olympics in 2012. Which if you own a calendar, you know it's our past. Which is kinda cool. 

Anyway this story focuses on Chloe. Chloe has had a rough childhood, but that's not what's holding her back. You see Chloe has a strange power. What she draws gets trapped inside pictures. 

You see the pictures on the wall behind her? Those are her neighbors. Literally. They're her neighbors that are trapped inside her pictures. They're living pictures. Which is weird. The Doctor and Rose are determined to find out what's going on. But then Chloe draws the Doctor. And now the Doctor is her prisoner. So Rose is left on her own to solve the puzzle. And so she does. She figures out how to separate Chloe from the being inside her. How to get Chloe to let the past go. And how to save practically the world. Because Rose is quite clever herself. 

Anyway, without spoiling the ending too much, the Olympic torch gets lit and when we say that on television we might have been witnessing something completely different than what we were watching. Does anyone remember seeing the Doctor? 

Life lesson: All you need is love.

Season 2, episode 12
Title: Army of Ghosts
Original Air Date: July 1, 2006
Directed by:  Graeme Harper
Written by: Russell T Davis

This episode starts with an ominous air. Rose Tyler begins the show by talking about the day she died. Now already in this season, it has been mentioned several times that Rose's time is coming to an end. And I for one have been dreading it So I already know that where this episode is leading, I don't want to follow. But I do anyway, because I cant' look away.

So Rose and the Doctor return home from who knows where. After greeting Jackie, Rose gets a little wigged out when her mom says that her granddad will be by shortly. And Rose is all like, "Um. Mom, he's dead." And her mom is like, "Duh. But he's come back." And this happens:

So the Doctor is like, "There has to be an explanation for this." And Jackie is like, "Why do you always have to ruin it." And the Doctor is like, "Shut up and let me do my thing."  Which he does. He gets some sort of thingy and traps the entity in it. But he's discovered by The Torchwood Institute when he tries to follow the entities trail.  Actually he lands right inside their building. And he's a prisoner. A highly esteemed one at that. Torchwood knows all about him and his companion. 

However he inadvertently brings Jackie along. And he pulls her out pretending she's Rose all the while insulting her. It's pretty funny. And of course Jackie goes along with it because Rose is her daughter and she wants to protect her. 

Meanwhile while they're out and about, Rose goes exploring and finds this big sphere:

And she tries to be clever, but this time it doesn't work and she's trapped. But look who she runs into:

That's right! it's Micky! Welcome back, Micky!

Anyway while that's going on, several of the workers are acting weird, and by this time you pretty much have it figured out what's going on. Cybermen. Yep the cybermen are back. And this time they've pretty much taken over Earth with such little effort. But that's not all. The sphere starts to open up and you'll never guess who was in it. Okay, I'll tell you. 

Daleks! Cybermen and Daleks. So you know that means a whole lot of trouble. And just when things are starting to get interesting. It's too be continued. 

Life lesson: Bluetooth. Seriously why do you still have one. We've talked about this before. They'll use it to control your brain. Don't let them! Fight the system! Fight it! 


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