What the World in Panoptemitry Is Like: Guest Post By Sarah Baethge

What the World in Panoptemitry Is Like
By: Sarah Baethge
Panoptemitry at first seems like it takes place in a very future universe, yet the story is disconnected from the Earth in such a way that it could be happening now. I suppose I can’t say ‘A long time ago… far, far away…’ but it’s the same basic premise.
At whatever time the story happens, the action is carried out within our own galaxy. At the forefront exist two major factions; those who gratefully use the S.Y.M.A.C.{Stellarly Yielded Manipulation Algorithm Computer} network (a galactic internet), and The Caytalan Church that opposes this far-reaching network.
Within my story, these two ‘teams’ are officially at war, but have been for so long without any significant progress by either side that their disagreement has more drawn out into endless disagreements and refusals in trade than any ongoing tactical threats.
Of course, this whole uneasy peace lingers on the verge of ultimate collapse because of the actions taken by Emilija Lithuan, one of my main characters. She has been charged with the task of collecting information for S.Y.M.A.C. You see, because the expanding network is large enough to encompass the entire galaxy while still in its early construction, one of its starry-eyed creators has proclaimed that the machines will eventually hold all knowledge in existence.
The reason that The Church doesn’t like this is because they see this amassing of data to be a threatening attempt of the S.Y.M.A.C. creators to build their own God. They are terrified that a false creation might come about that could rival their own god, Caytal. Wanting to prevent such an event, they steadfastly refuse to let their own sacred texts become part of S.Y.M.A.C.
I’m sure you wouldn’t deny that an object you can’t have suddenly becomes more valuable because of the fact that it’s out of reach. At the beginning of Panoptemitry, Emilija finds herself on a horrible prison world kept by the worshippers of Caytal because she has been caught trying to steal The Churches secret religious texts for their uploading onto S.Y.M.A.C.

Book blurb:
With a goal as high and lofty as the unspecified pursuit of knowledge, there may not be a clear point at which to stop. Acting as one has been taught to can seem to hold just as much purpose as the actual reason for taking those actions. When the growth of technology begins to hold the same powers as religious doctrine has declared divine, does the simple recording of events become blasphemous? Who's to say we even understand that 'so-called' divinity?

On a research mission to provide information for a great galactic computer network (called S.Y.M.A.C.), Emilija Lithuan and her assistants run up against the higher ranks of the Caytalan Church. The punishment that these religious leaders try to stick them with, could possibly have a greater effect than was ever intended.
When their escape saddles them with a famous outlaw, a careful reassessment of what is right and wrong can't be avoided. How much of what is 'common knowledge' is even actually true?
And if it's not, just how much perceived reality is built upon a lie?

Author Bio:
Sarah Baethge was born in 1982. She was going to college in 2000 on a National Merit Scholarship when a car wreck left her in a coma for 6 months. She now lives on a donkey ranch in central Texas where she writes most days.
Author blog: http://sarahbaethge.blogspot.com/
Panoptemitry  Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/Panoptemitry
Sarah at Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Sarah-Baethge/e/B009WVBI0O


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