Review: Agent Gates

Title: Agent Gates: The Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey
Author: Camren Subhiyah & Kyle Hilton
Publisher: Andrews McMeel Publishing
Published: January 1, 2013
Paperback, 128 pages
ISBN-13: 978-1-4494-3434-2
Genre: Graphic Novel
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
While the Granville family dutifully entertain their guests at Devonton Abbey, an ace team of Secret Service agents camp out as unsuspecting household staff, protecting the Royal Crown and her citizens from impending world war.
Who is aware of the international intrigue concealed below stairs? Will Agent Gates save Britain from her enemies while ensuring Devonton Abbey’s reputation is upheld? Will Lady Margaret secure a proposal from Martin Crawhill, the heir to the estate? Will Thompson and O’Malley ever get lung cancer?

My thoughts:
Agent Gates and The Secret Adventures of Devonton Abbey is a parody for the popular television series, Downton Abbey. Since I'm a huge fan of Downton Abbey, and I love a good parody, I thought I'd give this book a shot. The fact that I don't generally read graphic novels didn't deter me one bit from this book.
Camaren Subhiyah and Kyle Hilton have taken the characters of Downton and given them a twist. Of course this being a parody there are quite a few name changes: Mr. Bates is now Agent Gates, Anna is now Joanna, Lady Mary is Lady Margaret, and so forth. How ever their personalities have stayed the same.
I actually liked this book. It's very entertaining to read. I enjoyed how the writers turned some of the staff into secret agents. This book has it's moments of hilarity making fun of the characters of Downton Abbey, but it wasn't over the top. Although it was a bit silly at times, but isn't that what a parody is meant to be? The illustrator did a great job of capturing the characters of the show. I never had a doubt who a character was supposed to be. Everything looked great.  I think fans of the show (who can take a joke) would enjoy this graphic novel. The ending leaves it open for another book, so who knows. This might be a good series. I know I'd read it.
My rating:


  1. Hummm I hadn't heard of this comic book! I am going to check it out!!

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