Review: The Black Mile

Title:The Black Mile
Author:  Mark Dawson
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
Published: March 18, 2012
ASIN: B007M9UM14
Genre: Mystery/Crime
Source: Author

Goodreads Summary:
London, 1940: the beginning of the Blitz, an era defined in blacks and greys. Prostitution. Police corruption. Gangland intrigue. Henry Irving is a disgraced hack on a Fleet Street scandal rag. Detective sergeant Charlie Strange is a fresh face in the Met, hunting corrupt coppers but blinkered by ambition. Detective inspector Frank Murphy mourns his dead daughter with booze and gambling. When a serial killer preys on Soho prostitutes, the three men are caught in a spiral, a nightmare that tests loyalty and courage, offers no mercy, allows for no survivors.

My thoughts:

The place, London.  The year, 1940.  Air raid sirens and German bombs blast through skies for fifty-seven straight  nights.  Houses, businesses, and street are blown completely off the maps.
Sinister doings from the darkness of the black-outs claim his victims with his sharpened knife.  He has been named the Black- out Ripper.  His brutality has left terror in his wake.  Who was he?  Was anyone safe from his reign of terror?
Henry Irving is a reporter from The Fleet Street scandal rag.  He has embellished his articles with his own brand of truth, leaving his employer no choice to  publicly fire  and disgrace him with the truth of his actions.
Charlie Murphy is a Detective Sergeant and new to the Metropolitan Police.  His job is to hunt down the corruption in the Police Department.  He has lived in the shadows of the spotlight of his brother.
Frank Murphy, a decorated and highly thought of Detective Inspector has a love, hate relationship with his brother.  He is pushy and somewhat of a bully when it comes police procedure.  He is also a husband and father, who's daughter has run away after a verbal disagreement exploded one evening.  His efforts now are to find her before the Black-out Ripper can take her as his next victim.
While investigating, these three men discover the Ripper's handiwork is flawed with questions.  Conspiracies  begin to form pointing fingers at both sides of the law.
This book is great!!  A real page turner.  Mark Dawson has made his characters jump off the page as they are that believable.  The constant squabbling between the brothers.  The jealousy that sends them into rages.  
Charlie wants to solve this case to have his own spotlight.  Frank wants this case solved to end the killings before his daughter becomes a victim. Henry wants to solve this case to show that his reporting skills are truthful and he will be back on top as a true reporter.I really liked this book.  The furry to find this allusive killer brought sweat even to my brow..  I liked the fact the author brought me right into the pages and kept me there  as I scoured the pages sleuthing out  the bad guys. All characters felt real, and in my opinion that's what makes a great book.