Review: Monster Mirror by Isabella Macotte

Title: Monster Mirror (The Swap Book One)
Author: Isabella Macotte
Published: February 13, 2013
Paperback ARC,  307 pages
ISBN: 9781481066440
Genre: Young Adult, Fiction, Fantasy
Source: Author

Goodreads Summary:
A plan to keep evil from spilling out into the world is tested…
In a world where terrifying creatures roam the night, all seventeen-year-old Mia wants is a quiet summer in safe, supernatural-free Cape Livingston. After a wrong turn into an unknown area, she learns the Cape isn’t as predictable as expected.
Mia must protect herself from the paranormal world ready to destroy her life by using everything she’s learned from the horror movies she watches. 
Will her training be enough to tip the scale in her favor? Will her choice between the boy she loves or the boy determined to deliver her as a Swap be the right one? Is her future with the Monster Mirror inevitable?

My thoughts:
Monster Mirror by Isabella Macotte is the first book in The Swap series. Mia lives in a world where monsters roam the night. After tragically losing her mom, Mia decides to move to a town that has, somehow, escaped the monster infestation. However after moving to Cape Livingston she realizes it might not be as safe as she originally thought. Even more so, she's drawn to two mysterious guys that each pose a danger to her.
I was intrigued by Monster Mirror from the get-go. This story reminds me of the fairy tale, Beauty and the Beast. However it has it's own twists and turns that makes it unique. Mia is a good, strong character, though a little naive at times.  I love how she refuses to accept her fate, and struggles for alternative solutions. She stands up for what she wants, and what she thinks is right.  I also liked the love triangle here. I know it can be a bit overdone in books, but it definitely worked here. The pacing was good although at times I did want the author to give more of an explanation on what was going on. The author did reveal the things she wanted her audience to know when the time was right. Overall I liked this story. It was a good, entertaining read. It's has action, adventure, romance,and  mystery. I'll definitely keep reading this series.
My rating: