Review: Shadow's Claim

Title: Shadow's Claim: The Dacians: Realm of Blood and Mist
Author: Kresley Cole
Narrated by Robert Petkoff
Publisher: Simon and Schuster Audio
Published: November 27, 2012
Length: 15 hours and 18 minutes
ISBN13: 9781442353336
Genre: Paranormal Romance
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Goodreads Summary:
Series opener Shadow’s Claim features Prince Trehan Daciano, a ruthless master assassin who will use every lethal skill he possesses to defend his imperiled kingdom—as well as his newfound princess. When an ancient secret threatens to destroy them all, can Dacia’s notorious prince of shadows keep his Bride alive against all odds?

My thoughts:
Although I have read many of Kresley Cole's books in the past this is my first experience listening in audio book form. Let me just warn you now: make sure you wear your earbuds. It was a little bit different listening than reading. First of all the narrator, Robert Petkoff does an excellent job. He read the book like a boss. He gave each character their own voice, and made Prince Trehan very drool worthy. The story line is good too. It did take me a bit before I was invested in it though. I do like that Cole is exploring the Dacians. If you're not familiar with who the Dacians are, they are Lothaire's rightful clan. There is unrest in the Dacia's court. Trehan is sent to kill Caspian and finds his bride, Princess Battina of Abaddon. However Caspian is Battina's  best friend, but it's also who she's in love with. There's also this huge gladiator-type tournament where the best 'man' wins Battina's hand in marriage. So basically Trehan has a lot on his plate.
I like the characters okay. Battina is shy and fragile in the beginning. She has spunk, but she's also very naive. Which kinda annoyed me a bit. Her character develops throughout the story, and I did like her in the end. The chemistry between the two main characters was good. I'm glad the author took time to build their relationship. I really didn't like Caspian though. If Trehan had killed him in the first chapter I would have been okay with it. As always though I'm glad when Nix shows up in a novel. She's hilarious, and one of my favorite immortals. Immortals After Dark is one of my favorite paranormal romance series, and I can't wait until the next book is out!
My rating: