A Warm Place to Call Home

Title: A Warm Place to Call Home ( A demon's story)
Author: Michael Siemsen
Publisher: Fantome Publishing
Published: March 5, 2013
Genre: Fiction

Goodreads Summary:
Frederick is a demon. Born in Maryland in the early 1980's, he hasn't a clue where he came from or why, but feels an irresistible desire to occupy a human body. Once inside, he finds the previous occupants' consciousness and memories forever erased, an inevitable side effect that gives Frederick pause when switching bodies, but not so much as to truly halt his ongoing enjoyment of human lives. In various bodies, he travels the world for decades--aimless--sampling cultures and experiencing life from the points of view of males, females, young, old, rich, poor.

Now, Frederick has an urge to return to his roots in America, explore the mystery of his origin, find someone to love, and settle down for a while. In his hometown, his mission bears fruit much faster than he expected, as person after person presents themselves, and following his impulses, he is lead directly to love, tragedy, answers, and the humanity he never knew he wanted.

My thoughts:
A Warm Place to Call Home by Michael Siemsen is an interesting book, to say the least. It's the tale of a demon who wants to be human. Live a human life. Have human experiences. The only way he can do this is to inhabit a person's body essentially wiping out a life. When he meets the girl he wants to 'settle down' with things get a little topsy-turvy.
This book is a first-person narrative. I liked that because it felt as if Fredrick, the demon, was sitting across from me telling me his life story. And his life has not been boring. As Fredrick is experiencing new emotions, new problems, we, the reader, are along for the ride. Siemsen throws a few curve balls into the story that leaves you saying, "Wait! What just happened?" But in the end you're hooked on Fredrick, and want him to succeed in his endeavors. Overall it's a good read. This book has some mature content in it, so it wouldn't be suitable for younger audiences.
My rating: