Q&A with Brad Cotton & Giveaway

1. Describe your book in three words.
Paper, Ink, Rectangle. If that sounds too familiar, how ‘bout: Warm, Honest, Easy.

2. You've practically destroyed your protagonist, Danny Bayle, life at the beginning of this book. What do you think Danny would say to you if he had the chance?
That’s a tough one. It’s so hard to think of a character outside of the story. I imagine anyone in that position may be asking for a break, or hoping for a turn of luck. If I were to have a conversation with him, he might ask when I lost my mind and if I had any Tic Tacs.

3. A Work in Progress is your first novel. What is the biggest challenge you came across while writing it?
Finding the time to write was the hardest part. I was holding down a full-time job so evenings and weekends were all I had to work with. I spent many a late night in winter in my garage typing away by a portable heater. I got sick. It sucked. But the book got finished. Now I write inside.

4. Danny's a writer like yourself. Is any part of this novel biographical? 
I get this one a lot. When I was younger, my girlfriend broke up with me and moved to another country, so with that story arc I can relate. Other than that, nothing from the book ever happened to me or to anyone I know. A few of the characters started out as inspiration from real people, which I think is normal, but each quickly took on a life of their own and never really mirrored anyone true.

5. In your "about the author" page your state that you don't have a cat. Why don't you like cats?
I didn’t say I don’t like cats. If I had to choose I would say I’m more of a dog person but I don’t have a dog either. I probably should have said I don’t have any pets. Great, now I’m second-guessing the whole book. Thanks a lot.

6. What are you working on next?
My next book is called Boundless. It will be released later this year. Perhaps even as early as this summer. It’s a departure from the first, in that it’s written in the third person and follows more than one main character. My wife says she likes it even better than the first. The one after Boundless is still untitled. I’m approaching the end of the first draft. Hoping to put that one out sometime early next year.

7. Is there a cat in it?
Ha! Funny enough, there is something to do with a cat in Boundless! I won’t give away much more about that, though. You’ll have to read it to find out.

8. Have you ever thought about putting your juggling talent to use by joining the circus?
If by ‘joining the circus’ you mean running away, then yes, I’ve thought about it many times.

9. Who is your all-time favorite author?
Oh man. How about… Kinky Friedman? I don’t know, he’s the first one I thought of. I admire most and wish I could write like Fitzgerald or Wodehouse, but my books tend to be fast paced, like a movie might be, so their wildly superior talent for language wouldn’t suit me as well even if I could dream of getting close.

10. If you could trade lives with a fictional character for one day, who would it be and why?
That good-looking blue chick from the X-Men movies — the one that can change her shape into any other person. One moment while I Google…
Mystique. Her name is Mystique. Doesn’t get much more fictional than that.

About the book:
Writer Danny Bayle's life is in shambles. His true love has left him and his grandfather -- the last and most important influence in his life -- has just passed away. Danny has spent the last few months languishing, unable to write a single word, but at the urging of a friend ventures out into the world in an attempt to jumpstart a new life, befriending in the process an interesting assortment of characters including an author, a musician, an artist, and an elderly retired nurse. Garnering the attention of more than one woman, Danny sees his new friends unwittingly begin to shape what could just be the story of his life. But will he ever let go of the girl that got away?

Brad Cotton has generously agreed to give away 3 e-copies of his novel, A Work in Progress. You must be at least 13 years old to enter. This giveaway is open to all. Good luck!

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