Q&A with Jane B. Night

1. Describe the world in which Educating Autumn in set.
Educating Autumn is set in a future where the world is divided into 3 major countries. Each country has a different idea about the history of the world as well as how society should function.
Autumn is from Josiathan. On Josiathan there is a belief that during World War III God destroyed the people on the planet earth except for a few saved by Nasp. In their histories Nasp is a sort of modern day Noah. They believe that God destroyed the people because they were wicked. Especially the women. On Josiathan woman are denied education as well as equal rights to help prevent them from returning to their wicked ways.
Orion was raised with a belief in a much different history. He was taught that NASP was a group of scientist who destroyed everything on the surface of the earth because the pollution from the war and technology was making the planet uninhabitable. They saved several groups of children in underground vaults to be brought back to the surface once the planet had recovered.

2. Autumn is the heroine of this story. What makes her character stand-out?
Autumn taught herself to read even though it is taboo.
Her thirst for knowledge and truth make her stand out on Josiathan.
I think that as a character she stands out because she is so willing to change as she gets new information. Many characters are stubborn. Autumn gets new information and re-accesses herself. If her new self is not in line with the information then she makes changes.

3. In this story, Autumn is heard quoting from a book. What's your favorite book quote?
"Don't worry. We will face each other and fornicate like good Christians" From A Lady Awakened.

4. What could Orion teach other men about wooing the ladies?
Orion allows Autumn to take the lead in most aspects of the relationship and it really empowers Autumn. One thing I always hate is when men think women want them to be bossy or pushy. And I hate when you are on a first date and a guy asks for sex. I feel like Orion's come to me when you are ready approach works better.
And when all else fails get her a library. I think Disney's Beauty and the Beast made that the ultimate romantic gesture.

5. You're a romance novel lover. Who is your favorite romance author?
Virginia Henley, Johanna Lindsey, and Cecilia Grant.

6. In your 'about the author' page, you state you're a nerd. Here at To Read or Not To Read we're all about embracing our inner nerdom. What advice would you give to others looking to embrace their inner nerd?
Don't worry about what other people think. Do what you love. Nerd is the new sexy anyways. If you don't believe me just watch "Big Bang Theory." 

7. You also love to travel. Where is one place you haven't traveled but would love to go?
I really want to go to Europe. My sister has been but I have not. She said it was amazing. 

8. What are you currently working on?
I am currently writing two novels. I expect to publish both before the end of the year. The first is a prequel to Educating Autumn. It takes place during World War III and features Sharon and Mathew Louis (from the diary Autumn reads).
The second book is a historical romance. The main characters and Angel and Cadence. Angel is an amputee who believes that he will never marry because of his disability. He has accepted it. Then, Cadence comes to town. Cadence is a pregnant widow who desperately needs a husband because she cannot continue her journey west. Reverend Clint matches Angel and Cadence. Angel believes that Cadence won't be able to see past his leg. Cadence believes that Angel won't be able to let go of his past and the woman who broke his heart.
9. Do you have a 'book boyfriend'?
Jacob from Twilight.

10. Favorite summer snack?
Strawberries and yogurt.