Something Wicked This Way Comes Review: Seduction by M.J. Rose

Title: Seduction: The Reincarnationist #5)
Author: M.J. Rose
Publisher: Atria Books
Published: May 7, 2013
Paperback arc, 370 pages
ISBN: 978-1-4516-2150-1
Genre: Historical Fiction/Mystery
Source: Historical Fiction Virtual Book Tours

Goodreads Summary:
In 1843, novelist Victor Hugo’s beloved nineteen-year-old daughter drowned. Ten years later, Hugo began participating in hundreds of séances to reestablish contact with her. In the process, he claimed to have communed with the likes of Plato, Galileo, Shakespeare, Dante, Jesus—and even the Devil himself. Hugo’s transcriptions of these conversations have all been published. Or so it was believed.

Recovering from her own losses, mythologist Jac L’Etoile arrives on the Isle of Jersey—where Hugo conducted the séances—hoping to uncover a secret about the island’s Celtic roots. But the man who’s invited her there, a troubled soul named Theo Gaspard, has hopes she’ll help him discover something quite different—Hugo’s lost conversations with someone called the Shadow of the Sepulcher.

What follows is an intricately plotted and atmospheric tale of suspense with a spellbinding ghost story at its heart, by one of America’s most gifted and imaginative novelists.

My thoughts:
I first came across M.J. Rose last year when I read The Book of Lost Fragrances, which is the fourth book in the Reincarnationist series. I loved that even though I hadn't read the previous books, I could jump into this series without being completely lost in the story line.  Although reading the previous books does have an advantage. After enjoying The Book of Lost Fragrances, I was excited to continue with this series by reading Seduction.
Seduction takes place in several time periods with characters that intersect into each others lives. Rose also includes the Jungian's theory and reincarnation to add to this mix of historical fiction and mystery. I also love that she involves the French novelist--Victor Hugo. Based on actual events that surrounded Hugo in his life, Rose pumps up the supernatural volume. Hugo lost his daughter in a tragic boating accident. He exiles himself to the Island of Jersey in 1855. Desperate and grief stricken, Hugo turns to seances to try to re-connect with his darling daughter. Instead he connects with something dark and sinister. 
Jac L’Etoile has probably one of the coolest jobs ever! She's a mythologist who travels looking to discover ancient secrets. She's also the heir to a a perfume dynasty. Jac has an extraordinary talent for mixing perfumes but denies that side of her because of her tragic childhood. Jac travels to the Island of Jersey as a favor to a childhood friend. Once there,  Jac begins to unravel an unsolved mystery as well as unearth secrets that were thought lost forever.
Seduction has plot lines that mingle together over the course of this story. You have Jac in present day, Jac's childhood, Victor Hugo, and Owain and Gwenore. Rose writes in such a way that this isn't confusing at all. It's easy to keep the story straight. I also love the way Rose intertwines facts with fiction. So much so at times it was hard to know the difference between fact and fiction. This is an intriguing story that will grab you. I love the characters in this series. They are flawed and damaged, but completely relateable. Jac is surrounded daily by 'supernatural' events, but she's still a skeptic.  I love this aspect of her personality. It holds true for so many people. Out of the two books I've read by M.J. Rose, this is my favorite. This book encompasses mystery, romance, paranormal, intrigue, and more.  The only thing holding me back is on the cover of the book, Seduction is called 'A Novel of Suspense' and while I do think this is a really good novel, I didn't think it was very suspenseful. When I think of suspense, I think along the lines of a Hitchcock film. The type that has you on the edge of your seat screaming at the character in the book or biting your fingernails off. Other than that this is a great book to read.  I hope the author has more books in store for this series. I'd love to read more about these characters. 

My rating:

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