How Lauren Baratz-Logsted likes to chill during the summer.

I'm afraid to say, you don't get over 30 books published in 10 years by worrying yourself overmuch with domestic issues. My motto? "If the microwave still works, we're eating tonight; and if nothing is actively crawling, this place is clean enough." So how do I keep cool in the summer? Very nicely. I open a bottle of Prosecco, fill the big wineglass so I don't have to waste too much time on extra trips to the fridge, and then I take it and a good book and go to sit on the bench out front. As of this writing, it's not officially summer yet, but it is a gorgeous day out, which means that tonight you can find me... 

Lauren Baratz-Logsted, author of The Bro-Magnet and Pursuing the Times