Guest Post and Giveaway from Dulaney-Glen

Guest Post and Giveaway from Dulaney-Glen
Authors of Unexpected

We are Dulaney-Glen (K. Dulaney and J. Glen). We are sisters that have just self-published our debut novel, Unexpected.

We have spent the last year bringing our book to life and we are so proud that we accomplished something that has always been a dream of ours. We are excited to share our work with others, and have them share in our love for the characters.

Although we are sisters, we are as different as night and day. We both share in the passion of writing and creating a story, but our vision for the story differs at times. Dulaney is very “happy ending” and “lovey-dovey”, while Glen is “emotional” and “raw”. While difficult at times, we feel that our differences and challenges help us create a well-rounded, realistic story.

So for this post, we wanted to let everyone see the difference in our tastes and personalities. Glen chose to pick her top 5 romantic movies and Dulaney chose her top 5 romantic books.

Top 5 Romantic Books:
1. The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (My all-time favorite book)
2. The Sweet Gum Tree by Katherine Allred (I think I cried through this entire book)
3. Lover Awakened by J.R. Ward (I loved how the main character progressed through this story and finally let himself be open to love)
4. Law Man by Kristen Ashley (This is just a heart-warming, romantic, sweet story)
5. Take This Regret by A.L. Jackson (This book literally made my heart hurt. The emotions in this book were amazing)
When I think of “romance”, I think of passion, heartbreak, love, hate, and strong emotions. I think romance is a combination of all these things and I love it when a book can pull multiple emotions out of me. My top five picks have all done this.
When deciding my top 5…I struggled. I had to pick 5 out of hundreds! While I am a supporter and fan of all types of authors, I truly feel like I hit the literary jackpot when I discovered what Indie authors were. I have been transformed by their amazing stories and talent.

There's a fine line in Romance that divides too much and just enough. If it be movies, books, or television, there's rarely a grey area. It's either, or. Too much sap, or just enough sap. Too much mush, or just enough mush. It makes for a difficult time in trying to find a romantic movie just to my liking. I like just enough. Nothing overdone. A little sap and a little mush go further with me. 
With that being said, here are my top five most romantic movies that do just enough. 
Top 5 Romantic Movies:
1. Serendipity
2. A Walk To Remember
3. Sweet Home Alabama
4. Hope Floats 
5. Crazy, Stupid, Love

Did I say I liked 'just enough'? I lied...I like a whole lot of sap and mush :)

Book: Unexpected
Author: Dulaney-Glen


* Synopsis/blurb:

Ian wasn't ready to meet Grace Holtsen. In no way was he prepared for her. But can you ever be ready for fate to step in? Can you ever be ready to meet the one person who will change your entire existence? Ian knew that Grace would change everything he was used to, but something about her made it worth it. For the first time somebody seemed worth the risk. Will Ian jump and let fate wait for him at the bottom? Hoping that it can somehow save him...hoping that Grace can somehow save him.

I don't think Grace is like most girls.
Maybe that's the thing that I can't put my finger on.
Maybe for the first time, I've met a girl that's unlike
anyone that I've ever known.

Grace, a single mother and owner of a Nashville recording company, met Ian Paul, a recent college grad and her new employee. The moment he entered her world, it turned upside down. She knew better than anyone that a relationship with Ian would never work. He was never supposed to fit into her life, and she was never supposed to show up in his. But what happened between them was something more than either of them ever anticipated. Grace was unprepared for how bad it would hurt when they were faced with something far more unexpected.

He stole the rest of my heart tonight. I
know that no matter what happens tomorrow, or days from
now, I’ll never want it back.
I could never give it to someone else.


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