Kersten Hamilton Likes To Count Shooting Stars

My favorite summer time treat is--counting shooting stars. And yes, I do wish on every single one. :) Here in the hight desert where I live, summer days are blistering hot but the nights are cool enough to need blankets. I love to take a camp cot out to the Ojito Wilderness area, set it up and stay all night listing to coyotes and watching the stars. I could just make myself a nest in the sand but the rattlesnakes and scorpions think a snuggle might be just the thing. I am not eager to share my blanket with things that a. have no legs, or b. have way too many. My cot keeps me safe from nocturnal creepies and crawlies. I would sleep every night out under the stars if only I could.

Kersten Hamilton is author of the Goblin Wars: Tyger, Tyger and In the Forest of the Night. The third book in the series comes out in August. I love these books, and if you haven't read them, you really should! Find out more about Kersten by visiting her website: