Q&A with T.A. Brock

1. Describe Fatal in three words.  Zombie remix… yo.
2. In the book description of Fatal, you imply that zombies are misunderstood. Have you ever met a zombie? Aside from my characters, no. Or… at least, I don’t think I have. I miiiight have met one and—OMG—never known it!!! But rest assured, I’ve never encountered a rotter (zombies who are decomposing).
3. Don't you think you're misleading the public into thinking zombies are 'not so bad' and therefore resulting in the downfall of the human race should a Zombie Apocalypse occur? Ooooh, tough one. Here’s the thing though, not ALL zombies in my story are innocent. Only the ones who look like humans. There are bad guys and they will TEAR YOU UP! So, public service announcement: In case of a Zombie Apocalypse, look for rotters, then kill using any means necessary.  
4. You're main character, Grayson Patch, desperately wants to find a cure for zombieism (?). Why is he having a hard time letting go of human life and embracing his new zombie life? He feels that what he has become is inherently wrong. He has trouble realizing that just because he’s something ‘other’ doesn’t necessarily mean he’s bad. Basically, he has a lesson to learn: different doesn’t equal wrong.
5. Cori Abbot might be Grayson's savior but at a high price. What characteristics do you think make for a great heroine? I generally like writing about tough girls. Or girls who become tough through circumstance. But with Cori, I realized she simply wasn’t that kind of person. She’s strong but in a way that is not so in your face. She thinks things through and once she makes a decision, she sticks with it. Even when hot zombie-dudes pout and throw tantrums to try and get her to change her mind. I think above all, great heroines have to be able to stand their ground when it comes to what they want. Some might be bold and brutal. Others, like Cori, might be quietly fierce.
6. How many books do you have planned for this series? Currently, three. There’s always potential for more but three is where it stands now.
7. Would you rather be a zombie or vampire? So, the question is, would I rather eat flesh or drink blood? I’m squeamish, so neither sounds appealing. But if I had to choose, I’d say vampire because at least then my skin wouldn’t rot off. Bright side!
8. You're a huge fan of paranormal books. Who's your favorite paranormal author? Gosh, I think it changes every day. I love Sherrilyn Kenyon, Lauren Kate and Gena Showalter. Right now, I’m really enjoying Finned by Sutton Shields.  
9. Coffee is listed as one of your favorite things. If I had a list of favorite things, it would certainly be in the top ten. I take my coffee with cream and sugar. How do you take yours? Cream, sugar, and CHOCOLATE!!! Or, you know, anyway but black. And in a really big cup. 

10. Would you like to be on my Zombie Apocalypse team? What skills would you bring to the team? Let’s see… I’ve definitely got skills but none of them seem suited to aid in a ZA. They include cooking, playing piano, and entertaining kids. Wait, I could babysit. Yeah, all you peeps out there fighting off the zombies will need someone to watch your kids. Enter, me. SCORE! If that doesn’t work out, maybe I could scavenge for weapons or something?


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    1. Thanks, Erin. I had a lot of fun with this interview.

  2. Thanks you, Marcie, for the awesome interview! It was so much fun! <3


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