Radio Free Europe

Radio Free Europe
When I was thinking of a title for this post about my favorite and most influential post-punk/new wave groups, the title of this R.E.M. song just reached up and grabbed me by the collar. Now this is my opinion so be kind. Disagreement is ok just not nastiness. So, that being said here are my top 10 favorite and/or most influential post-punk/new wave groups:
10. Tears For Fears- I really liked several of their songs but they went down the list based on longevity and influence.
9.  Midnight Oil- they get the bump ahead of Tears For Fears because I think they were more innovative.
8.  Blondie- Rapture is still one of my favorite songs from this period and Debbie Harry was one of my first star crushes.
7.  Duran Duran- they had a lot of hits and really brought the spotlight on new wave but they were not really one of my top faves.
6.  The Clash- I really like the Clash and they had a pretty big influence carrying some of the punk angst into the post-punk world.
5.  Joy Division/ New Order- I was younger and my musical tastes were not refined when Joy Division was at the height of their time. Also living in the US hurt, but hearing their music and that of New Order (original JD members minus Ian Curtis) has opened my eyes to how good they were. Not only that but they are basically the Godfathers of the whole post-punk/new wave genre.
4.  R.E.M.- I didn’t get into R.E.M. until the early 90’s with Out Of Time but I quickly went back in time and got all their earlier albums and they became one of my faves. They also introduced the world to the Athens, GA music scene.
3. The Police- The Police really brought the English new wave scene to the US. There are many of their songs that I could listen to all day. Synchronicity is one of my top albums of all time. 
2.  Talking Heads- I have always liked the Talking Heads but in looking back over songs from this time, I discovered how much I like them. David Byrne was a huge influence during their time and they were so innovative with their sound, very unique.
1. U2- I first heard U2 while listening to an all request show on the local radio station when they would play Sunday Bloody Sunday, the live one from Under a Blood Red Sky. I was mesmerized. I would listen all night on Saturday nights just to hear that song. Then I saw them on MTV. As soon as I could save some money, I went to buy War. Before long I had all their albums. I was the first person to buy Rattle and Hum from the local record store. My first midnight release party was for Achtung Baby.
Well, there you have it, my favorites. What do you think? Who are your favorites? Let us know.