Review: A Journey Through Tudor England

Title: A Journey Through Tudor England
Author: Suzannah Lipscomb
Publisher: Pegasus Books
Published: June 15, 2013
Paperback ARC, 326 pages
ISBN: 978-1-60598-460-5
Genre: Nonfiction
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
For the armchair traveler or for those looking to take a trip back to the colorful time of Henry VIII and Thomas Moore, A Journey Through Tudor England takes you to the palaces, castles, theatres and abbeys to uncover the stories behind this famed era. Suzannah Lipscomb visits over fifty Tudor places, from the famous palace at Hampton Court, where dangerous court intrigue was rife, to less well-known houses such as Anne Boleyn's childhood home at Hever Castle, or Tutbury Castle, where Mary Queen of Scots was imprisoned.In the corridors of power and the courtyards of country houses, we meet the passionate but tragic Katheryn Parr, Henry VIII's last wife; Lady Jane Grey, the nine-day queen; and come to understand how Sir Walter Raleigh planned his trip to the New World. Through the places that defined them, this lively and engaging book reveals the rich history of the Tudors and paints a vivid and captivating picture of what it would have been like to live in Tudor England.

My thoughts:
As a huge fan of history, and in particular the Tudor dynasty. This book was a perfect fit for me. A Journey Through Tudor England takes you on a tour through historical sites and their stories. This book is broken up into sections based on their geographical location. Some buildings are still standing, while others are in ruin. I enjoyed reading this book cover to cover. Many of the stories surrounding the Tudor's I'm familiar with while others are new. The Tudors were anything but boring. If I have a complaint about this book, it's that I'm not able to be in England to experience this journey first hand. This would be the perfect book to take on tour with you. However if you're not traveling abroad anytime soon, there is always the wonder of the internet. It's not the same as seeing portraits and locations in person, but it's the second best thing. I would have loved, though, if this book did include some of the paintings or architectural drawings as a visual guide. Apart from the interesting stories and facts, Lipscomb also includes a 'further reading' section and an 'opening times and how to get there' section in the back of the book. I love this simply because everything you need to know is right at your fingertips. If you're a fan of history and would love to learn more about the Tudors and their crazy lives. This is definitely a book to read. The chapters are small and to the point and a very easy read. 
My rating:

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