S.S.O. With Kelsey Ketch

For me, the summer is a journey—a time to spread one’s wings and find one’s self with friends. In another words: ROAD TRIP! Every summer, my friends and I are on the move, hitting the road, heading somewhere. The longer trips can take us from Michigan, New York, Virginia, and even Washington D.C. The shorter ones are usually a day or weekend trip to local towns and parks. We explore, finding new adventures, shops, and activities.

Then, as the summer wanes and we’re finally worn out, we have only have one final destination on our minds. It’s time to unwind at the beach! Whether we’re enjoying the surf or lounging in the sand with a book and a glass of refreshing cucumber water, this author needs her beach time. It’s the only place I can truly relax. And it’s awesome to share that time with the people you care about. 

Kelsey Ketch's novel, Daughter of Isis will be released on October 26, 2013. Visit her blog, Ketch's Book Nook to find out all the latest information on her travels as well as what she's working on @ www.kelseyketch.com and follow her on twitter @kelseyketch