Volonians Excerpt

Volonia, a magical planet, is home to millions of beautiful, charismatic expressive Witches and Warlocks. Their magic is mighty, their spells are rich in tradition and their rituals stand the test of time. The House of Lords, the governing body, is in a frenzy as one of it's citizens, Varah Cutter, a rebellious, crafty Witch, has single handily conjured a book only they can summon. The VONDERCRAT is the most powerful book in all of Volonia. How she did it remains a mystery. Varah soon realizes The Lords aren't the only entity after her, but an evil brigade lead by the mighty Menace seeks to capture her. Varah's fate stands in ruins as she literally fights to protect her children, her honor and her truth.

EXCERPT:Mel paces the room; he’s anxious, and his eyes are glued to the door.   Then, he feels his feet shift a few inches to the left, then to the right.  The room seems to be moving, and it’s an effort to hold his position. His eyes struggle to stay focused on the ground, on the wall, on anything at all. He spies a small pile of dirt beneath a hole on a nearby wall, and as he’s watching, some more dirt falls from the wall to the floor. His curiosity heightens. Nervously, Mel takes a few steps away from the door, ready for battle.  He stares intently. Something’s coming.  A beam of bright, white light bleeds gradually under the door; then, the door bursts open, the light forcing Mel to look away. He is powerless against what’s coming.  Lord Roman glides powerfully into the room, his eyes glowing. He descends with his hands folded commandingly underneath his robe.  He engages Mel in a stare-down, neither man willing to let up. 
“Where is she?”  Mel shouts.  
Lord Roman shouts back in response, “Tell me your business with Varah, Stealth!”
“Remove this device and I’ll show you!” Mel lunges at Lord Roman, but Lord Roman lifts a hand and suddenly Mel is dragged backward, his heels digging into the hard, brick floor.  
“I’ll say it again.  Tell me your business with Varah!”  Mel stands silently, his face full of disdain.  
Lord Roman’s eyes glow a bright golden color.  “That wasn’t a question, prisoner.”  Mel holds his tongue, his stubbornness once again getting him into trouble.  He stalks around the confined space; then, pushing the battle of pride a step further, he leans causally against a nearby wall, striking a position of inflexibility.  
Lord Roman settles his shoulders; he balls his hand into a fist and squeezes.  “VCO VY MAVO.”  Magically, Mel’s neck brace tightens, squeezing the breath out of him.  His eyes water as he searches for air.  He falls to one knee.  “Tell me what you want with her.” Lord Roman’s voice is deeper and more chilling.  “This can be over quickly, Stealth, or this can take as long as you allow it to.” Lord Roman steps toward Mel, a look of desperation in his eyes.  “I must know at once!”  Mel collapses to the floor, his life moments from its end.  
Suddenly, a voice calls from the hallway.  “Lord!”  Lordess Raven stands at the threshold, shocked at what she sees.  “Lord, don’t! It’s not worth it!”  Mel gasps for his last breath as Lord Roman slowly opens his hand.  Mel pants for air as he crawls to the feet of Lord Roman. 
Lord Roman kneels, their eyes meeting in the center of the room. He whispers into Mel’s ear. “This isn’t over, Stealth.”  Lord Roman glides out of the room, Lordess Raven following swiftly behind him.  Lord Roman lifts his hand and forces the door to slam behind him.