Back To School Week: Dr. Nicholas Is Ridiculous!

Title: Dr. Nicholas Is Ridiculous! (My Weirder School #8)
Author: Dan Gutman
Illustrations by: Jim Paillot
Publisher: Harper 
Published: June 25, 2013
Paperback, 106 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-204218-7
Genre: Middle Grade
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
A local college professor comes to Ella Mentry School to help students learn basic history and improve their scores on a standardized test, using some very unusual techniques.

My thoughts:
Dr. Nicholas Is Ridiculous is the eighth book in the series, My Weirder School. In this book Ella Mentry School has to take a standardized state test, and the school ends up failing. They are given a short amount of time to prepare to re-take the test. So the principal hires a local college professor, Dr. Nicholas, to come and tutor the kids in history. Dr. Nicholas has unorthodox ways of teaching, but for once the kids are interested in what she has to say. In turn, the kids get excited about learning. 
If you've not read this series yet, don't worry; you can jump in at any time like I did. I've not had the pleasure of reading the first seven books in this series. I did enjoy this book. It shows the value of good teachers. Dr. Nicholas got the kids interested in learning, probably for the first time in their young lives. She not only talked about history, but she also tried to make it an experience. This book is aimed for kids ages 6-10. I think it fits perfectly into this age group. It has plenty of humor and silliness for the kids. They might also learn something about history, too. 
My rating: