Back To School Week: How To Read Literature Like A Professor

Title: How To Read Literature Like A Professor For Kids
Author: Thomas C. Foster
Publisher: Harper
Published: May 7, 2013
Hardcover, 176 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-22086-0
Genre: Nonfiction
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
What does it mean when a fictional hero takes a journey?. Shares a meal? Gets drenched in a sudden rain shower? Often, there is much more going on in a novel or poem than is readily visible on the surface -- a symbol, maybe, that remains elusive, or an unexpected twist on a character -- and there's that sneaking suspicion that the deeper meaning of a literary text keeps escaping you. In this practical and amusing guide to literature, Thomas C. Foster shows how easy and gratifying it is to unlock those hidden truths, and to discover a world where a road leads to a quest; a shared meal may signify a communion; and rain, whether cleansing or destructive, is never just rain. Ranging from major themes to literary models, narrative devices, and form, "How to Read Literature Like a Professor is the perfect companion for making your reading experience more enriching, satisfying, and fun.

My thoughts:
Thomas C. Foster has written several books for adults on how to read and understand literature. Now Foster has written a novel just for kids: How to Read Literature Like A Professor for Kids. It's very similar to his book, How to Read Literature Like A Professor that came out a few years ago. In fact some of the chapters are exactly the same. I think this is a great book for kids who want to get more out of their reading. I found it very easy to read and understand. Very short, but to the point, chapters too. Foster gives great tips on how to recognize a quest, why geography matters, and other hidden gems in novels. He gives great examples from books and movies. At the end of the book he also includes a list of recommended books for kids to read as well as movies.
This book really doesn't have a recommended reading age to it, but I'd suggest ages ten and up. I really think this is a book every kid should read, but especially kids who love to read. I think it would help them 'read between the lines' and get a better understanding of literature.
My rating::