Back to School Week: The Northern Frights (Scary School #3)

Title: The Northern Frights (Scary School 3)
Author: Derek The Ghost
Illustrated by: Scott M. Fischer
Publisher: Harper
Published: July 1, 2013
Hardcover, 242 pages
ISBN: 978-0-06-196098-7
Genre: Middle Grade:
Source: Publisher

Goodreads Summary:
In The Northern Frights, the third book in the spooky Scary School series, Charles “New Kid” Nukid and his friends, including Lattie, a girl ninja, must fight an epic battle with an ice dragon to save their school. But first they must survive going to Scream Academy as exchange students. And that may be hard, because the Academy has an abominable snowman for a principal, a Headless Horseman as one of the teachers, and the students are yetis, trolls, and ogres!
My thoughts:

Scary School is a series that not only my kids love, but I do too. In the third installment, some of the kids at Scary School become exchange students with Scream Academy. Scream Academy is much scarier than Scary School. Changing schools is always stressful but even more so with monsters involved!  And, of course, nothing is ever easy at Scary School. And this semester there's a new student, Lattie, She's a ninja with a millipede as a companion.
Once again Derek The Ghost tells a wonderful tale about the Scary School kids and their adventure. Poor Charles Nukid. Will he ever catch a break? He always seems to be in the middle of the fray. Lattie adds an interesting twist to the story. She's mysterious and speaks in riddles. I love how the kids of Scary School stick together. They're all different, but they work well together.
Once again, this is a must read for kids as well as adults. I love reading this with my kids. It's a book we all enjoy. And that there says a lot. Especially since we rarely like the same things. This is a great book full of fun and adventure. 
My rating:

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