Review: Flo and Wendell by William Wegman

Title: Flo and Wendell
Author: William Wegman
Publisher: Dial
Published: September 26, 2013
Hardcover, 32 pages
ISBN: 9780-8037-3928-4
Genre: Children's Book
Source: Publisher (unsolicited)

Goodreads Summary:
Meet Flo. She’s a sophisticated big sister who’s part of a very artistic family.  She likes playing with paint and wearing sweaters her mother knits.  Flo also likes teasing her little brother, Wendell.  They play hide-and-seek, but Flo doesn’t look very hard.  They play dress up, too, but Wendell always gets the bad costumes.  Their parents wish they would get along, and they do try …sometimes.

My thoughts:
William Wegman has written several books for children, but if you have children, you may recognize the stars of this book from Sesame Street. Wegman is not only an author but also a visual artist. He applies both skills to his newest book Flo and Wendell. The stars of this book are also based on the names of two of his beloved pets.
In Flo and Wendell, Wegman tackles the topic of sibling rivalry at it's best. If you have more than one child this book will hit home. What Flo wants to do, Wendell doesn't. Flo and Wendell have different life prospectives  They do try to get along, but it never really works out, except for the one activity they like to do 
together . . . read. They're a cute duo that will warm your heart. This is a great book to read to and with your kids. They'll love looking at the visually stunning pictures as well as the story. Although they might want a Flo or Wendell of their own after reading this book.

My rating: