Review: Forever

Title: Forever
Author: Kamery Solomon
Publisher: Moonstruck Media
Published: December 17, 2012
Genre: Fantasy
Source: Purchased

Goodreads Summary:
Raith has never been in love. In fact, he’s spent his entire existence as the terror in mortal nightmares. When he enters Emilee’s dream, he discovers that not only do his powers not work on her, but she can see him as well. Being Fae, he isn’t allowed to show himself to a human, but there is something different about Emilee. Will he be willing to risk it all?

My thoughts:
Forever by Kamery Solomon is a cute story about a Fae named Raith who is a dreamwalker. His favorite past-time activity is to torture people in their sleep through nightmares. That all changes one night when he walks into Emilee's dream. While most people cannot see Raith, Emilee can. She intrigues Raith, and he cannot stay away. He comes back to her dreams many times and before he knows what's happened, he's fallen in love. But there are rules against Fae and humans and to be together, they'll have to break them all.
I love books about Fae, and I found the description to be inviting. Forever is more of a novella than a full-length story, but I enjoyed it. There's not a lot of background information either. However I thought the author did a great job of weaving the story together without having to go back and explain past events. The characters Raith and Emilee have great chemistry together. We don't really know a lot about these characters outside the dreams, and I couldn't help but wonder what did they do when not asleep. However despite that, I found I enjoyed the story.  It's a quick read. It does have a few grammatical errors, but if you can overlook that, then you'll find this story entertaining. I liked the way the author ended the book, but it also left me wanting more. This was a free book off of Amazon and well worth the price! 
My rating: