Cyber Holidays by Tetonia Blossom

Cyber Holidays

With so many people relocating for their careers or simply a better quality of life, more and more of us are so spread out that the holiday's can easily lose its luster. I personally left California, my family and friends five years ago and still trying my best to get in the Christmas spirit, but it isn’t easy.

The things I miss most about the holiday's back home were holiday parties with my girlfriends, backing cookies with my aunts, or trimming the tree with my cousins. This year I’m determined to find a way to stay connected with family and friends through the holidays with a little cyber help :o)

1. Skyping

It may take a little training but once you teach your family how to Skype you can all take your lap tops to the kitchen and show off your favorite cookie recipes while catching up. 

2. Facebook Tree Trimming Event

Plan a night to share photos of your holiday decorations with family and friends. If you plan a specific time you can even comment and chat in real time.

3. E-Gift exchange

This is by far one of my favorites since the last thing I want to do is deal with shipping presents during the holiday season. E-gifts can be emailed directly to the recipient and can be the perfect gift with a little research. Some of the sites I like to frequent are: 

-Red box

These are just a few of the activities I have planned this holiday season. remember it's not about what you do, it's about who you do it with and the holiday's is most definitely better enjoyed with family friends whether you're near or far. 

Happy Holiday's 

Determined to live despite her failing heart, Nina Carter is finally beginning to realize that while she survived her heart attack, her marriage did not. Nostalgic for a real white Christmas, she heads to Colorado—minus her husband—to spend the holidays with her sister's picturesque family. What she doesn’t expect is her reaction to her sister's jerk of a brother-in-law, Jack. The passion he rekindles threatens to steal her damaged heart away from the husband who no longer deserves it, but new complications with her health leave Nina doubting whether she has a future at all. 

Jack Spears could be a bit of a jokester, but never a jerk. That is until he met Nina. Even his attempts to apologize end up with her in tears. What starts out as a plan to prove to Nina that he’s really a nice guy quickly morphs into feelings he knows he shouldn’t be having for another man's wife. 

He's got plenty of snow and the one horse open sleigh; now all Jack needs is to convince Nina to jingle his way.

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