Holiday Giveaway!

Dear Readers,
To Read or Not To Read has decided to take a hiatus until the New Year. So we'll be back in 2014 with reviews, giveaways, interviews, and guest posts. Until then we wanted to leave you with a Christmas giveaway, or er, the day after Christmas giveaway. This giveaway is a little different. Instead of telling you what books you're entering for, we're going to give you hints instead. Since we're giving away a good number of books, this giveaway is only open to US addresses only. Remember you must be at least 13 years old to enter. Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Giveaway #1:
Hint 1: book 1 is a western romance and book 2 is a contemporary romance
Hint 2: Both books have a second chances theme
Hint 3: If you like men in uniform you'll really like book 2; if you like hell-raisers, then book 1 will definitely be for you.

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Giveaway #2:
Hint 1: This book is for fantasy lovers. Especially lovers of fairy tales.
Hint 2: This book came out this year and is optioned to be a film.
Hint 3: "Try to Escape, You'll Always Fail, The Only Way Out is Through A Fairy Tale."

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Giveaway #3
Hint 1: Two books, same author, contemporary romance
Hint 2: It takes place in Nevada
Hint 3: There are gold in them hills!

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Giveaway #4
Hint 1: Three books, 1 finished, 2 arcs; contemporary romance, same author
Hint 2: New York Times Best Selling Author
Hint 3: "The friends are the only things I've brought with me through the years that really matter." 

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Giveaway #5
Hint 1: Three books, new series, 2 finished copies, 1 arc, contemporary romance
Hint 2: The boys in these books are a little on the bad boy side
Hint 3: If you like books where opposites attract, then you'll like these.

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Giveaway #6
Hint 1: Three books, all arcs, contemporary romance
Hint 2: Six handsome brothers and two beautiful sisters
Hint 3: The titles of these books are all named after songs.

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  1. Happy New Year! Too bad it's not for International readers :c But all the best for 2014! :)

    1. Thanks, Miss Fifi. Happy New Year to you too!

  2. Happy New Year! Wish you all the best! Thanks for hosting these great giveaways :)
    Stay awesome!

  3. Hi! Happy New Year!
    BTW when are you going to announce the winners of the giveaway? :)

    1. Hi Joelle, Happy New Year to you too! I'll announce the winners soon. :)


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