Snakeroot: Andrea Cremer Guest Post

Research always plays a part in the creation of my novels. How much and what kind of research I complete varies from book to book. Prior to becoming a full-time writer I was a history professor, and research has long been part of my professional life. My attachment to history and origin stories pushes me toward historical research, but the history inSnakeroot is based in research I completed for the first Nightshade books. Thus, the research needed for this new novel had more to do with logistics than content. New settings appear in Snakeroot. For example, Logan ends up in the Hamptons, near Montauk, and I spent time looking at the landscape and properties (wow, they are gigantic and expensive!). I often use Google Earth when researching geography because I like have a strong visual sense of every location in my novels. Unfortunately I didn’t start watching Revenge until after I’d written Snakeroot.

New characters appear in Snakeroot and naming the inhabitants of my novels always takes quite a bit of time. I do research on the meaning and history of names before assigning them to characters. I find I can’t write a person’s story if the name isn’t right.

I tend to do my research as I write rather than beforehand, so I’ll be diving into books all along the way!


Picking up right where BLOODROSE left off, SNAKEROOT follows two characters readers know well from the original Nightshade trilogy.  Adne, one of the Searchers and Ren's half-sister, is plagued by nightmares featuring the evil Bosque Mar, now trapped in the Nether and looking for a way out.  Adne's power draws him to her, and he wants, more than anything, for her to come to the side of dark magic and free him. Logan Bane, the Keeper who was once set to rule Calla and Ren's Haldis pack, is one of the few of his kind left, after he helped Shay close the rift between our world and the Nether.  But he wants to re-open that rift so he can re-create Guardians and reclaim the Keepers' magic. He raids the Rowan Estate to find what he needs to perform dark, ancient rituals, but Bosque Mar has turned his back on Logan for his treachery, and without his help, Logan is lost.  The two teens are both battling Bosque Mar--one who wants to be left alone, and the other who wants help.

About Andrea Cremer:
Andrea Cremer is the internationally bestselling author of the Nightshade series, which includes the critically acclaimed Nightshade, Wolfsbane, Bloodrose, Rift and Rise. She went to school until there wasn't any more school to go to, ending with a Ph.D. in early modern history--a reflection of her fascination with witchcraft and warfare--and taught for years at Macalester College.  She grew up roaming the forests and lakeshores of northern Wisconsin, but now lives in New York City, where she roams the sidewalks and riverbanks of the concrete jungle she calls home.  @andreacremer