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0 LIVE online event: @patbracewell & @HelenHollick commemorate the life of Queen Emma of Normandy 3/6

You probably don’t know, but March 6th marks the 692nd anniversary of the death of Emma of Normandy, dowager queen of England. Live from their respective blogs and countries, Patricia Bracewell, American author of Shadow on the Crown, and Helen Hollick, British author of The Forever Queen, will be hosting an interactive interview to commemorate Queen Emma—the central figure in their novels. There are two chances to participate in this one-of-a-kind event: On March 6th you can stream it live on Helen’s blog at 9am EST or on Patricia’s blog at 5pm EST. For complete information, please visit Patricia’s blog.


England, A.D. 1002
In a world lit by fire and ruled by the sword, a fifteen-year-old girl kneels to receive an English crown – an act that will echo down the ages. Within that circlet of gold the ambitions of four powerful men are about to collide, for this young queen is the key to all that they desire. To a calculating Norman duke she is a blood tie to the wealthiest monarchy in Europe. To a haunted English king she is a guarantee of allies against a fierce and brutal enemy. To Denmark’s Viking ruler she is a prize worth ten times her weight in silver. To a young ætheling of England she is a temptation to forbidden passion.

Her name is Emma…and she will change the course of history.

About the Author
Patricia Bracewell grew up in California where she taught literature and composition before embarking upon her writing career. She has always been fascinated by English history and holds an MA in English literature.  Her historical research has taken her to Britain, France and Denmark. She has two grown sons and lives with her husband in Oakland, California.

Saxon England, 1002.
Not only is Æthelred a failure as King, but his young bride, Emma of Normandy, soon discovers he is even worse as a husband. When the Danish Vikings, led by Swein Forkbeard and his son, Cnut, cause a maelstrom of chaos, Emma, as Queen, must take control if the Kingdom-and her crown-are to be salvaged. Smarter than history remembers, and stronger than the foreign invaders who threaten England's shores, Emma risks everything on a gamble that could either fulfill her ambitions and dreams or destroy her completely.

Emma, the Queen of Saxon England, comes to life through the exquisite writing of Helen Hollick, who shows in this epic tale how one of the most compelling and vivid heroines in English history stood tall through a turbulent fifty-year reign of proud determination, tragic despair, and triumph over treachery

About the Author
Helen Hollick is the author of a trilogy of novels about Arthurian Britain: The Kingmaking, Pendragon's Banner and Shadow of the King, as well as Harold the King. She lives in London.

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0 Fallen Beauty Blog Tour: Review and Giveaway

Erika Robuck, critically acclaimed author of Hemingway’s Girl and Call Me Zelda, returns with another fascinating novel featuring a literary figure… this time, charismatic 1930s poet, Edna St. Vincent Millay. 

In FALLEN BEAUTY (NAL Trade Paperback; 978-0-451-41890-6; March 4, 2014; $16), Robuck presents vivid new characters while portraying a beautifully eccentric Edna St. Vincent Millay, around whom an electrifying tale unfolds, where the fast pace of the jazz age collides with life in a small, judgmental town.   

In the tradition of The Paris Wife and The Aviator’s Wife, FALLEN BEAUTY is a poignant page-turner comprised of fascinating pieces of history immersed in a beautifully written narrative. Robuck captures the radiance and charisma of Edna St. Vincent Millay, the fragility and power of family loyalty, and the ultimate, all-encompassing passion of love in its many forms.

My thoughts:
Erika Robuck has written several novels pairing famous authors, Hemingway, Fitzgerald, and now Millay, with ordinary people. Except ordinary is hardly a word to describe them. Because these other people are very strong characters as well. While I liked Hemingway's Girl and Call Me Zelda, Fallen Beauty is by far my favorite.  

I don't know much about Edna St. Vincent Millay, but this book has definitely painted a good picture of her. Millay was far ahead of her time. In today's day and age, we wouldn't think much about her lifestyle, but in 1920 she was quite a character. She was not afraid to live out loud. In the book Millay has almost an obsessive behavior about wanting to get close to the main character, Laura Kelley. She believes Laura will be the muse to her writing.

Laura grew up in a small town, where everyone seemed to live a perfect life on the outside. She is shunned by most of the town when she has a baby out of wedlock. My heart broke for this character. She suffers a great deal in this book, but she also finds her strength. And I've never so badly wanted to punch fictional characters before. Even in the end, Robuck gives you an understanding of why some of the characters act that way, and you can't help but pity them.

Fallen Beauty evoked an array of emotions from me. I was hooked from the first page to the last. I also loved the time period in which this book took place. There is something about the glitz and glamour of the twenties that draws you in. This is a great read, and I can't wait to read Erika Robuck's next book!

About the Author:
Erika Robuck has appeared on the Southern Independent Bestseller List for Call Me Zelda and is the critically acclaimed author of Hemingway’s Girl.  Born and raised in Annapolis, Maryland, Erika was inspired by the cobblestones and old churches.  She is a contributor to the popular fiction blog, Writer Unboxed, and maintains her own historical fiction blog called Muse.  For more information please visit, and Twitter @ErikaRobuck.

Erika Robuck will embark on a national tour in March, meeting with booksellers, bloggers, and readers across the country…

March 7                                                Launch event at BARNES & NOBLE in Annapolis, MD
March 11                                             Luncheon at PAGE & PALETTE in Fairhope, AL (12PM) 
March 12                                                                    Reading and book signing featuring friend and NYT Bestselling author, Karen White, at FOXTALE BOOK SHOPPE in Woodstock, GA (6:30PM)
March 13                                                                    Ticketed luncheon at FICTION ADDICTION in Greenville, SC (City Range at 12PM)
March 14                                             Reading and book signing at MALAPROPS in Asheville, NC (7PM)
March 15                                             Reading and book signing at PARK ROAD BOOKS in Charlotte, NC (2PM)
March 17                                             Reading and book signing at THE COUNTRY BOOKSHOP in Southern Pines, NC (4:30PM)
March 22                                             A multi-author event featuring Nora Roberts’ Shadow Spell at TURN THE PAGE in Boonsboro, MD (12PM)
*For more information on Erika’s tour events, please visit and participating bookstore websites. 

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Thanks to Penguin I have a copy of Fallen Beauty to giveaway to a lucky reader. This giveaway is open to US only. You must be at least 13 years old to enter.

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2 Divergent Read-A-Long: The End


So sha-bam! That ending was NOT what I expected. What were your thoughts on the ending???

The last ten chapters kept me on  the edge of my seat. There was so much nail-biting action, I wasn't sure what was going to happen. The ending was sad. So much loss and destruction, It was just wow.

Thoughts on the serum used to make the Divergent robotic. What were you thinking while reading that scene?

This was an intense scene. I kept wondering if Tris was going to get caught. Is she the only Divergent or were there others . . . 

My Favorite Quote. What's yours?

There were so many quotes that I did like in this book. I've highlighted a bunch in my kindle, but I have to agree this is one of my favorites: 
“I want to be brave, and selfless, and smart, and kind, and honest.”
It reminds me of how people so often want to box something or someone in. You can be more than one thing at a time.

So, with that in mind, did you love the book?

I did really like it. In fact once I started getting into the story line, I found it hard to put down. I'm so glad I finally read this book. It was worth it!

Are you going to see the movie?

Absolutely. Once I finished the book, I texted my bff and we've made plans to see the movie. 

0 Feature: Sparks by RS McCoy


by RS McCoy

New Adult Paranormal Fantasy Romance

"Everyone in the world has a spark, a light inside that guides them, keeps them alive.”

Myxini School for Children specializes in training young men and women who have powerful sparks. Strikers are taught to manipulate fire. Trackers learn to find animals in the most formidable terrains. Handlers are instructed in communication with large predators. But forty years have passed since the last time they had a Reader – a student with the ability to read minds.

When Lark Davies enrolls at Myxini, he knows there aren’t many like him, but he doesn’t realize just how rare his abilities really are. He thinks nothing of being asked to keep his spark a secret; after all, he can barely control it. Thoughts and emotions flood unbidden into his mind until he can scarcely walk or hold a
conversation. But just when he needs it most, his ability fails him. Larks meets Khea, a small frightened girl who mysteriously insights his protective nature. He has no explanation for the curious strength of their relationship, and it doesn’t help that she is one of the few people in the world whose thoughts can’t be read. As he struggles to get to the root of their unique bond, Lark begins to unravel more power than even his mentor expected, but in the process makes himself a target to political leaders eager to take control.

Buy Sparks on Amazon for $3.99:

Wearing only my loose brown pants, I crawled into the most comfortable bed I had ever known and sank into the soft down pillows. I had just started to drift off when I heard a knock at the door. I’m going to kill Avis.

“What do you –”  I started until I realized it wasn’t Avis. It was a stunning blonde with blue eyes. Khea.

“I’m sorry to wake you. I just- I had to see you.” Her arms moved to wrap around my waist and hold me tight as I questioned if I was really sleeping or not. 

“Uh, do you want to come in?” We both knew the rules about being in someone else’s room after hours, so I pulled her in and sat down on the edge of the bed, still a little surprised she was there.

In the dim light her hair looked a little darker, but her face was still sweet and there was no denying that the last two years had done her well. Who would have thought such a beautiful young woman would come
from that skinny little girl in Lagodon?

“How’d you know I was back?” I asked her, trying to appear less tired or shocked than I was.

“A friend told me.”

“I didn’t think you-“ Cared? It wasn’t the right word, but I was beyond amazed that she was interested in my whereabouts. I hadn’t seen her since that night at the Moonwater and it had changed everything for me
since then. But for her, I wasn’t aware that she had been affected in any way.

“Ride with me tomorrow?”

“Uh, yea, of course.” It was a struggle to cover how little I wanted to wait. I would have given anything to have her stay.

A wide smile erupted across her sweet lips as she said, “meet me at the lake at noon.” With a lingering kiss on my cheek, she walked back through the door and disappeared into the dark stone corridor.

What just happened? I hadn’t seen her in person in years, and we were hardly close before that. And now she arrived in my room in the middle of the night and kissed me on the cheek. Was it a kiss like a friend would give another? Or more? I couldn’t make any sense of it, but there was only thing I was sure of. I would be at the lake at noon if it was the last thing I did.

Praise for Sparks:


                "...fantastic characters..."

                                       "...imaginative and creative..."

                                                                    "...simply could not put it down..."

Connect with RS McCoy

About the Author:

RS McCoy didn’t ever plan on being a writer. With a career
teaching high school science, writing is the last thing she expected. But life never goes the way you think it will. While battling cancer, she picked up her laptop and let the words flow out. One year later, her first published fantasy novel has been released on Amazon and her second novel is in the works. She is a wife, mother of two, a scientist, baker, gardener, and life-long science fiction and fantasy addict.

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0 Review: The Princess Diaries

Title: The Princess Diaries #1
Author: Meg Cabot
Publisher: Harper Collins
Published: October 13, 2009
Genre: Young Adult
Source: Borrowed from library

Goodreads Summary:
What? A princess??

Me??? Yeah, right.

Mia Thermopolis is pretty sure there's nothing worse than being a five-foot-nine, flat-chested freshman, who also happens to be flunking Algebra.

Is she ever in for a surprise.

First Mom announces that she's dating Mia's Algebra teacher. Then Dad has to go and reveal that he is the crown prince of Genovia. And guess who still doesn't have a date for the Cultural Diversity Dance?

My thoughts:
I've watched The Princess Diaries movie more times than I can count. I think it's an adorable movie, and my daughter and I love it. My daughter wanted to read the books as well, but first I wanted to check it out to make sure if was suitable for a nine-year-old. Because we all know that books to movies are rarely the same.

I did like the book. True to it's title, it is in the form of a diary. I enjoyed getting Mia's thoughts on what was happening in her life. It was very entertaining and humorous. And I think girls around the age of thirteen would really enjoy it. However I think my girl is still a little too young. There's nothing really too bad about it, it just has some older themes to it, such as kissing and drinking. A little heavy for my daughter right now.

Also this book is different from the movie. For starters. Where's Joe? I like Joe. I was disappointed he wasn't in the book.

Also Mia had blondish hair in the book, whereas in the movie she's a brunette. But I love Anne Hathoway, so they're forgiven.

Also the book takes place in New York, while the film takes place in San Francisco. Why change locations?

And there's Clarice. In the movie she's stern but lovable. In the book she's stern but I'm not sure she's capable of love. At least not in the first book.

And for the biggest difference of all: In the movie Mia's dad is dead. In this book, he's very much alive and in her life. I have no idea why they left him out of the movie. 

I still love the movie and book, but separately. The movie is an okay adaptation of the book. I love the casting in the movie and the story line is basically the same: girl finds out she's the princess and has a hard time with it. I think the movie is suitable for most audiences, while the book I would be suited more toward the preteen-teen age girls or boys.

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0 Feature: A Gift from the Enemy by Enrico Lamet

About the book:
A compelling story of WWII as seen through the eyes of an adventurous young boy during a period when his mother fears the Nazi hunt and is concerned about putting food on the table for her and her son. Written from the perspective of a child of 7 to 11 years of age, this WWII memoir is unique in many ways. Growing up in Italy, away from his home in Vienna, the boy lives an adventurous life, unaware that the world is crumbling around him.
A Gift from the Enemy was published on October 13, 2013 and is available on Amazon.

About the author:
Enrico Lamet was born Erich Lifschutz on May 27, 1930, into an upper-middle-class Jewish family. Both his parents, born in Poland, moved to Vienna before the first Great War.

On March 18, 1938, five days after the Anschluss, when German troops had marched into Vienna, Lamet's family fled to Italy, where he spent most of the next twelve years. After World War II ended, Lamet settled in Naples with his family. He finished high school in that city and studied Engineering at the University of Naples.

In 1950 the family moved to the United States, where Lamet continued his engineering studies at the Drexel Institute of Technology in Philadelphia, near his family's home. Deciding that business would be more in keeping with his personality, he embarked on a business career. Over the years he became involved in a variety of enterprises until his eventual retirement as a CEO in 1992.

Fluent in German, Italian, English, Spanish, and Yiddish, Lamet served as an interpreter for the U.S. State Department and taught Italian for several years. Lamet has studied piano and voice and, to this day, enjoys performing Neapolitan songs.

Lamet has three children, two stepchildren, and seven granddaughters. They were the reason this book was written. He and his wife live in Pittsfield, Mass.

2 Covet Release Day Blast and Giveaway

Covets have all the sexiness, emotion, and happily ever after that readers have come to expect and love from Entangled. They are firmly grounded in the contemporary world, but each novel brings in supernatural twists, breaking the contemporary and paranormal rules, alike. To find out more about their titles, chat with authors, participate in special events, and to find out what books you’ll be coveting next, visit the Entangled website, follow them on Twitter, Like their Facebook page, and join the Book Club.

Today I'm happy to be featuring Covet's February releases:

Hot Rock by Annie Seaton

Special $0.99 Introductory Price!

Megan Miller is on a dream trip to research her doctoral thesis at a rock festival in England. When she arrives in town she’s stunned that her temporary neighbor is the spitting image of her 70’s rock idol, too bad he’s also a world-class jerk. So why can't she stop thinking about him?

Seventies rock star Davy Morgan is a man with a secret: rockin’ in one time and living in another. He holds his privacy close to his heart, so when a beautiful girl who not only loves but truly understands his music moves in next door, he works overtime to keep her at a distance. Easier said than done.

Megan follows Davy to the rock festival, but it’s not what or when it seems. The lure of the music draws them closer, but can their newfound love span across the decades, or will it get lost in time?

Pan's Conquest by Aubrie Dionne

Special $0.99 Introductory Price!

Syrinx pulled a fast one on Pan to escape his raging lust. The God of Chastity wasn't about to break her vows and succumb to his temptations. Transported to the twenty-first century, she runs a florist shop—fulfilling her fake, mortal life. Until the breathtaking Parker Thomas hires her to decorate his grand estate for a gala. Five hundred roses? Easy enough. Except Parker makes her feel things she can't ignore...

As the God of Fertility, Pan is used to maidens flocking in droves to his pastures. So when Syrinx denies him, he's determined to win the one that got away. He poses as a mortal to get close to her, but he doesn't count on falling hard for his conquest—hard enough to make a life and stay.

But Syrinx is falling in love with a man that doesn't exist. Can Pan hide his identity forever, or will the truth tear them apart?

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0 Doctor Who Rewatch: And you think traffic is bad in your city!

It's been a few weeks since my last Doctor Who post. It's been crazy-busy here the last few weeks and I haven't had a chance to post. Not to mention the crazy weather too. 

We're re-watching Doctor Who this fall to prepare for the big anniversary special. I know that Doctor Who has been around for 50 years, but for time sake we're going to start with series 1 of 2005. If you've not watched it, but have wanted to. Here's your chance. We're watching via Netflix, so join us if you can. This week we're watching Series 3, episode 3 and 4.

Title: Gridlock
Written by Russell T. Davis
Directed by: Richard Clark
Original Air Date: April 14, 2007

This episode makes any traffic jam you've ever been in look like a joke. This episode takes place in New, New, New, New, New, New, etc, York. The same New York that the Doctor took Rose to where the cats were nuns and a bunch of crazy stuff happened. However this time instead of looking like this:

New York looks like this:

And right off Martha gets kidnapped. So the Doctor goes on the search for Martha. He sorta of car hops until he can get into contact with someone that knows what's going on. He finds out that people have been stuck in traffic for years! They're all trying to get to the outskirts where it's said to be beautiful. He encounters some really great characters along the way:

And while the Doctor is searching for Martha, the cat is searching for the Doctor:

You remember Fluffy from the "New Earth" episode, don't you? Anyway she's on a mission from none other than the Face of Boe:
FoB wants to impart the Doctor with his last words. So when the Doctor arrives, he not only helps the people who are stuck in a perpetual traffic jam, but he learns that the Doctor is not the last of his kind. Which gives a spark of hope to the Doctor.

Life Lesson: Traffic in the future is so going to suck.

Daleks in Manhattan
Written by: Helen Raynor
Directed by James Strong
Original Air Date: April 21, 2007

This is kind of a weird episode. The Doctor and Martha go back in time to New York during the Great Depression. In the midst of it all the Empire State Building is being built, there is many people living in the park, and a bunch of pigs are running around kidnapping people. When you think about it, of course Daleks have to be involved. It just screams it! 

So there's this chick:

Despite the economic changes, she's quite happy because she's in love with Laszlo. That is until he's taken by pig-men. Now she's miserable.

Also there's this guy:

His name is Solomon, and he's like the mayor of tent town in Central Park. He fill the Doctor in on what's what. When a couple of people looking for workers come by, Solomon, the Doctor, and a few others sign up for the job. They go to 'clean out' tunnels under the city. And that's where they meet the pig-men. They run and hide, and get chased, and that's where they meet the lady above. 

The showgirl may look like a powder puff, but she's got gumption. Tallulah wants to find out what happened to Laszlo, so she goes with them back into the sewers.

Now the antagonist of this episode are not just any Daleks. They are the Cult of Skaro. And they're going to build an army fusing Daleks and humans together. Dalek Sec is going to be the first experiment.

And that's where this episode ends.

Life Lesson: stop fusing DNA. It never ends well!

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2 Excerpt: Ocean's Gift by Demelza Carlton

Sirens don’t fall in love with humans. For centuries it has been so…

But Sirena is different. She lost her first love to sharks and a storm, cursing the islands that stole him from her.

Times have changed and she must swim ashore once more, to the islands she once cursed.

Gone are the boats powered by sail and steam – jet boats with GPS are now the order of the day.

Enter Joe, the deckhand on the Dolphin. A handy man to have around when the lights go out. He’ll fix your generator and have the lights back on in no time, no worries.

But can he seduce a siren?

Or will she swim away before he can uncover her secret?

A book about lobsters, beer and boobs, on some cursed islands off the coast of Western Australia.

At least, that’s how Joe tells it.

For Sirena, it’s a very different story.

Demelza Carlton has always loved the ocean, but on her first snorkelling trip she found she was afraid of fish.

She has since swum with sea lions, sharks and sea cucumbers and stood on spray-drenched cliffs over a seething sea as a seven-metre cyclonic swell surged in, shattering a shipwreck below.

Sensationalist spin? No – Demelza tends to take a camera with her so she can capture and share the moment later; shipwrecks, sharks and all.

Demelza now lives in Perth, Western Australia, the shark attack capital of the world.

The Ocean’s Gift series was her first foray into fiction, followed by the Nightmares trilogy.

Excerpt from Ocean's Gift

“To the lucky deckie!” Skipper roared. All the beer glasses went up with a ragged cheer, before tipping to empty their contents down the throats of their owners.
My glass came down empty. I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and stood up. I started to weave through people to the sink out the back. It was near closing time and there was an unspoken rule – it was always the deckies’ turn to wash up.
Skipper stood in front of me, so I had to stop. “Not your turn tonight. You head back to camp.” He winked. “Maybe find some other way to celebrate tonight.”
Bloody bastard was reading my mind. I faked a yawn. “Yeah, like sleep before you get me up at the crack of dawn tomorrow.” I stumbled out of the club into the dark.
Someone made a ribald comment behind me that I didn’t hear, but the laughter in response was unmistakeable.
It took me a minute to find my torch in my pocket and switch it on, before I went down the rock-strewn track to the dinghy.
I pushed it out into the water and got in. The engine caught on the second pull and I steered her around, headed back to Rat Island and camp. Good thing I knew this stretch of water so well – beer and driving a boat in the pitch black was bloody difficult.
I figured I had maybe half an hour before the other guys would be back. If we had the lights out by then, maybe they wouldn’t bother us. Was that enough time for a couple of drinks with her? A drink or two and one thing might lead to another....SHIT!
I felt the wave drench me from behind and saw it half fill the boat with water, knocking the torch out of my hand. The engine sputtered and died, drowned, and I found a few more four-letter words to describe the motor. I pulled on it, over and over, pounded it till my hand hurt, but the bitch didn’t catch. Dead in the water, with a boat full of water, I groped for the paddle I know had been there before the wave hit. My hand grasped the handle and I pulled it free.
Look at the bloody lucky deckie now, I fumed. Paddling his bloody dinghy back to Rat Island in the dark.
I paddled till my arms ached, but the distant lights on Rat only seemed to get further away. I saw the other guys get in their dinghies and head back to Rat Island in a convoy. I shouted and waved, but they never heard me. The wind was blowing the wrong way, carrying my voice out to sea. It had picked up a fair bit, too.
I stopped paddling to rest for a few minutes, letting the boat drift with the waves. Maybe it’ll ground on a sandbank or a rock and I can just sit here and wait till morning.
I hadn’t prayed about it, but the unsaid prayer was answered anyway. The bottom of the boat scraped across a rock. I tipped the useless motor up, in an effort to save it from further damage, as the tinnie wedged up against part of the rock just under the surface. I breathed a sigh of relief.
Now I just sit here and have wet dreams while I’m soaked through in a dinghy full of water on a rock, until someone comes looking for me in daylight. Just the thought of Vanessa with her clothes off would keep any red-blooded male warm for a night...
I drifted between sleep and daydreams, waking every time a wave jolted the boat. Another wave sloshed over the side of the boat, soaking me again, and forcing me awake. The boat was almost full of water now, I realised in panic, as I groped for a bucket to start baling with. Throwing bucket after bucket overboard, I couldn’t tell if I was making any difference to the water level in the boat.
One moment I was holding the bucket, about to scoop up more water, the next I was flying through the air, full of spray and water and no sign of the tinny. Suddenly immersed in cold, black water, I couldn’t see the surface. I struggled, kicking in the direction I thought was up, and hit a rock. I jerked back reflexively and my head cleared the water. I gulped a huge lungful of air and grabbed for the rock. I had to hold on till daylight. Surely, that couldn’t be too far away.
Another big wave broke and I tried to keep a hold of the slimy rock, but I was pushed out of reach, drifting in the current. I tried to kick my legs, but I wasn’t sure if I did. I couldn’t feel my feet and the numbness was creeping up my legs. Vanessa won’t be able to help me here, I thought. I could feel my body shake with laughter. I drifted.
I could hear the breakers on the outer reef, louder than they were from shore. I could feel the spray on my face. A wave washed over me and I was under the water again.
I thought I heard dolphins, but it sounded deeper and closer with my head submerged. Dolphins or whales? I thought I could feel them beside me, rolling me over so my face was at the surface, pulling my body through the water.
Arms lifted me into a boat, laying me down across the length of it. Dolphins with arms? No, that’s not right.
I could feel the boat moving through the water, but I couldn’t hear the engine. Maybe it was the rushing in my ears, drowning it out. All I could hear was an unearthly singing, high and sad, like some kind of suicidal dolphin. I could say I blacked out, but everything was already so fucking black I wouldn’t have noticed the difference.
I checked out of Hotel Consciousness. At least I got to dream of Vanessa naked.


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