Divergent Read-A-Long Chapters 11-20


The Divergent Read-A-Long is hosted by Nightly Reading. I'm very excited to participate in this read-a-long. Divergent has been in my TBR for awhile, and now with the movie coming out, this is the perfect time to read it. If you'd like to follow the read-a-long click on the image above.

This week I read chapters 11-20. Things are really starting to roll now. The plot thickens as they say. We're learning more about the society and its pitfalls. Right now I have a few questions that I hope next week's reading will provide answers to. Here are the questions  that Nightly Reading has asked for this week's discussion: 

So when we left you hanging last week, Peter and Tris had just been in the ring together to fight and Tris literally got the crap beat out of her! We didn’t really discuss much about this but, I wondered what all of your thoughts were on the two being matched up together? Was it a fair fight? 

I didn't think it was a fair fight at all. Although they do say to get better at something you must work with someone who is better than you at whatever you're doing. That is the only way you can approve. Though I think Eric is sadistic and enjoys the suffering of others. 

Speaking of, please tell me your thoughts on Eric. We discussed Peter a little last week and everyone seemed to be in agreement that we despised him. So, what about our Dauntless Leader, Eric?

I think Eric and Peter are two peas in a pod. They seem to have a lot of the same characteristics such as ruthlessness and cunning. 

Let’s talk about Four! *la swoon* Love him, Like him or Hate him??

At this point I'm still not sure. He seems to have a soft spot for Tris, but he obviously has some issues he's dealing with. 

Whom are your favorite characters this week?

This week Uriah is my favorite character. We haven't seen much of him in this book. He's Dauntless born and know the ropes of the place. He's kind to Tris, and I think he'll be a good ally to Tris in the future.

Are you still enjoying the book? As much or less as last week?

I am still enjoying the book. Even more so than last week. I now have a feel for the story line and characters. I'm definitely invested in it! 


  1. Hi Marcie,
    You are right about 2 things: 1. Eric and Peter are very much alike and 2. Four does have some issues to deal with!

    Thanks for reading along! See you next week:)


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