Interview: Rosemary Clair

1. Please describe your book in 5 words.

Too good to put down:)

2. Your novel deals with The Sidhe. What exactly are Sidhe?

The Sidhe (pronounced sh?) are a race of demigods in Irish mythology.  
Descended from the goddess Danu, and often associated with the Tuatha  
dé Danaan, they are closely linked with the land.  They are thought to  
inhabit earthen mounds, sacred trees and their own magical realm,  
LisTirna.  If you need a visual?like I do? some believe that Tolkein's  
elves in Lord of The Rings were based on the Sidhe.

3. The story takes place in Ireland. Have you ever been? 

YES!  My husband's family is from Ireland and we decided to honeymoon  
there.  I didn't want to come back!  We flew into Dublin and toured  
through the southern part of the country before flying out of Shannon.  
We stayed in several old manor homes/castles where my imagination  
was free to run as wild as it wanted too.  See my blog for some of our  
crazy adventures.

4. If you could have a 'super' power or ability, what would it be?

In Heir of Earth, Faye has the ability to see the future, but she  
can't quite control it yet.  I would LOVE to see the future.  Mainly  
because I'm slightly obsessed with playing the lottery, and being able  
to pick winning numbers would be awesome!  Don't worry, I don't need  
intervention...yet.  Considering I went to college on a lottery funded  
scholarship, I would say my obsession is paying it forward for future  

5. I love the cover to this book. How hard was it to find a cover to  
match with the idea in your head?

Very hard.  I have no skill set whatsoever when it comes to graphic design.

Luckily, a very good friend owns a design firm.  Working with one of  
his designers, we labored over many different concepts and eventually  
this book cover was born.  Finding a great graphic designer can be  
tough, but it is well worth it to help create cover art that will  
appeal to your audience.

And thanks...I like it too!

6. What is one interesting thing you learned about the Sidhe while  
writing this book?

Sidhe and Fairy are very interchangeable terms throughout Ireland  
and Scotland.

As I was doing my research, I stumbled across a 1922 book by Sir  
Arthur Conan Doyle entitled The Coming of The Fairies. As your  
readers may remember from high school English class, Sir Doyle was the  
literary mastermind behind the classic Sherlock Holmes series.

The Coming of the Fairies was Doyle's attempt to prove the existence  
of fairies and other spiritual beings living in our world. In the  
book, Doyle interviewed two young cousins who claimed to commune with  
fairies in the woods outside their house in Cottingley, England.  They  
had pictures and everything!

Unfortunately, it was later proven that the cousins faked the  
pictures, but the fact remains that if a brilliant mind like Sir  
Arthur Conan Doyle believed in the existence of fairies, maybe we  
should too!

7. Is this a stand-alone book or part of a series?

Heir of Earth is the first in my Forgotten Gods series.  The second  
book, Son of Sun, is set to publish early this year.  As of now, I see  
four books in this series, each focused on the forgotten  
magic/mythology surrounding the elements of earth, air, water and fire.

In Son of Sun, we travel to Peru and wake up a sleeping sun god who  
used to rule over the sky...and boy is he cranky!

8. On your FB page you've stated that Anne of Green Gables is 'forever a  
favorite' with you. It's one of mine as well. Gilbert Blythe was my  
first book crush. Who was yours?

I'm pretty sure Gilbert was mine too!  I remember reading the book and  
then being glued to PBS when the miniseries finally came out.  I  
thought he was absolutely perfect, and wouldn't have had a problem in  
the world with him calling me "Carrots".

When I began reading Austen and Bronte in high school, I fell in love  
with every character they wrote.  The beauty of writing a book is that  
you get the chance to create your own perfect leading man.  By picking  
and choosing traits that made me swoon, I am able to introduce the  
world to someone I think they're going to like.  Dayne DeLaney in Heir  
of Earth is pretty crush-worthy.  He's dark and brooding like Darcy,  
with an estate to rival Pemberly.  Wild and dangerous like Heathcliff,  
without the vengeful streak.  Loyal as Westley, with much better  
facial hair.  And, oh yeah...did I mention he's hot??

9. What are you working on right now?

Final edits for Son of Sun, and research for the third book.

10. Where can people find your books? 

The Forgotten Gods Series is available across all ePublishing  
platforms.  If you want a print copy, is the place to  
go.  You can also go to my website  
for links to my books!

About the book:

Sidhe [ shee ]Noun

In Irish legend, a superhuman race descended from the goddess Danu. Comparable to medieval fairies or elves. Beautiful, powerful and merciless to humans who get in their way.

After graduating high school, American teen Faye Kent is spending a magical summer in Ireland with relatives. The summer promises her everything her old life didn’t, including a chance at love with the impossibly perfect Dayne DeLaney. But Faye is hiding a secret, a secret she came to Ireland to forget.

The mystical Irish countryside also hides a secret, a slumbering evil that awakens and quickly fixates on Faye.

The locals warn Faye to heed their cautionary tales of the beautiful, but deadly, creatures that once ruled this mystical land. They avoid the Sidhe at all costs. Faye laughs at their superstitious ways, breaking every rule that could have protected her.

She should have listened. The Sidhe now hunt Faye, and she faces a fight that will expose the secret she desperately wants to keep hidden and uncover a mystery even deeper than she could have imagined.

Soon the world will know the truth about who Faye Kent really is. Will she sacrifice herself to save everything she loves?